Posted on April 24, 2021 at 3:12 am

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How To Be Successful At Online Dating During Covid

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Online dating is becoming increasingly popular because of Covid-19 restrictions, allowing many people to discover and meet people online. One of the huge advantages of online dating is being able to find out about the person you’re interested in before you get to the meeting stage. This can take the edge off the unknown, but online dating can still be nerve-racking, especially during a pandemic.

The following are some tips on how to successfully date online during a pandemic:

Don’t worry, being yourself and being honest is the best way to approach online dating. Most people feel anxious when dating. The internet can be a bit more of a challenge as you’re dealing with unknown people.

Personal profile

Take your time to create a realistic profile describing your best attributes. This is a good time to relay some of your interests and the things you like to do. You should be looking for someone who shares some of your interests, so you have some common ground to start a relationship.

What kind of dating are you interested in or comfortable with?

Do you prefer to meet someone in person or start with a virtual date?

One advantage of having a virtual date you can get to know a person on a more emotional and intimate level. You’re able to observe their personal hygiene and health habits on an emotional level without physical contact. Virtual dating allows you to remain more relaxed until you get to know them better, especially if you tend to stress about meeting people. Once you feel more comfortable with the person and know that you are both Covid-19 free, you can move onto a casual or serious relationship.

Set Boundaries early in the relationship

Decide early what your personal boundaries are and which things allow you to feel comfortable.

Make a list of what you want to discuss and share with someone you meet online. Remember, they are probably feeling a bit stressed and anxious too. They are looking to find common ground with you. 

Listen to what they say and how they say it.

A person’s manner and body language can tell a lot about a person. Most people take more notice of body language than their actual words. Are they sharing with you or trying to impress and not listen to you?

Make your boundaries clear and ask about their boundaries. Share your expectations and communicate your needs as well as desires, so can be more sure you’re on a similar page, not heading for disappointment.

Never allow anyone to pressure you

If you feel uncomfortable talking about an issue or subject, make it clear. Do not be pressured into having an in-person date unless you really want to and feel safe about it.

If anyone is insistent, then cancel and move on. If they do not respect the boundaries you set online, they are unlikely to respect those in real life. The beauty of online dating is there are many choices, so you can take your time and don’t rush into anything.

Going on a virtual date

Take your time to set the stage around you, make your bed or tidy the room. Set the volume loud so you can easily be heard and make sure the background is well lit. Use an internet café if you feel more comfortable there.

Consider the best environment for a first or second date. Once you have had a few dates with a person, you can do something like share a virtual meal. Order the same pizza from a similar place. Maybe you can cook a meal together by both getting the same ingredients and each cooking your own. It may be fun.

Remove distractions


Turn off your phone unless you’re using it for the date, checking your phone while dating is a turn-off and implies you’re not so interested. Make sure family and pets stay away unless you want to introduce them. Don’t have the TV or radio on, you need to offer your undivided attention. 

Online dating during a pandemic can be a fun and enjoyable experience. It allows you to get to know a prospective partner without the health risks or restrictions associated with physical dating.



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