Posted on July 11, 2017 at 6:19 pm


7 Great Ideas to Celebrate 3-Year Dating Anniversary

The third celebration of such a remarkable event of your life is a challenge for every couple. I am sure you hardly lit the candles and bought a cake before she was back from work previous two years at a run. Fortunately, this time you have a true lifesaver below.

What is more, the ways to celebrate dating anniversary that we offer are new and fresh. Everyone knows that prolonged relationships tend to acquire a typical chill. Such undesirable coolness can lead to misunderstandings, the lack of communication and even break-ups. The next 7 ideas can prevent such bad things from happening and bring you together again. Therefore, if you do not want to risk losing your date, try to train your lousy memory and apply the written below not just on occasions, but also in everyday life. Make every day spent with your sole mate unforgettable.

Let us start!

  1. Go to an unfamiliar city

Book train tickets to the place you have never been to. Do not forget to grip a camera. A new city will bring you a huge amount of fresh and even strange feelings that will reflect and effect your relationships. By the way, it is a great opportunity to spend the whole weekend together. We know how scarcely we see our dates because of work, relatives, friends and other stuff. This way, you will have more than enough time to enjoy the company of each other.

  1. Make a lovestory photo shoot

If you think that searching for a qualified photographer is enough, you are wrong. The main thing here is to think the way you will behave and look at a picture. You can wear same T-shirts or behave like Bonny and Clyde in shot. Of course, most of these will cover your apartment’s walls. You do not want to stare at commonplace photos with you posing typically till death do you apart. Use Pinterest and your imagination rather than completely relying on your photographer’s competence.

  1. Refresh your memories

Go to the places already remarkable for your couple. For instance, a park when you kissed for the first time or a café where you spent your first date. Recall the way your relationships started using such an impressive date. Try to compare and analyze what have changed since the firsts of your dating. We can guarantee a lot of plentiful emotions, endless bursts of laughing and tenderness during the hours spent in such a way.

  1. A trip to a nightlife

Plan a trip to a strange city at night. You can easily rent a car, if you do not have your own. Prepare the playlists of the music you both enjoy listening and drive around the gleaming city lights and empty streets. It is not necessary to spend the whole night in car. Just book a hotel room or go to the all-nighter to have romantic dinner in a totally new way. Also, do not forget about walks under the stars.

  1. Take spa services together

Start with a morning shower with different likable fragrances, aroma bath foam and a relaxing massage. An afternoon in this case can be spent in a professional day-spa. If you are an adventurous and active type of a couple pay a visit to a waterpark where you will sprinkle each other with tons of water without drawing extra attention. Both ways of spending an anniversary will stick upon your memory with positive and pleasant associations.

  1. At home

A morning can begin with a surprise. It is up to you to decide whether it will be a homemade dish, a little present or even a box with an inscription “100 reason why I love you”. Let your date take one card out each day. During the rest of the day, you can do whatever you want. A champagne, watching of the movie or an endless favorite activity of yours. And I do not mean origami here.

  1. Make your (crazy) dreams come true

If you discussed skydiving before, go for it. Spending a night on a beach–why not? Make it happen with the closest person. You will 100% not forget this day.