Posted on August 22, 2022 at 12:55 pm

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5 Reasons Eco-Friendly Enthusiasts Like Vikki Nicolai La Crosse WI Want Citizens To Start An Urban Garden

There is a growing trend of people interested in becoming more eco-friendly like Vikki Nicolai, La Crosse WI eco expert. One of the ways that many of these people are choosing to make a difference is by starting urban gardens. Here are five reasons eco-friendly enthusiasts want you to create an urban garden.

Urban Gardens Help You Connect With Your Surroundings And Get Back To Nature

It can be easy to feel disconnected from nature in today’s fast-paced world. Spending time in urban gardens can help remedy this by providing a chance to slow down and appreciate the natural world. There are many ways to garden in an urban setting, from growing potted plants on a balcony to participating in a community garden. No matter what size or type of garden you have, it can be a great way to connect with nature.


Gardening gives you a chance to get your hands dirty and appreciate the cycle of life. Watching a plant grow from a seedling to maturity can be a calming and satisfying experience. Urban gardens can also provide a much-needed oasis of green space in a concrete jungle. They can attract birds and other wildlife and provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. By taking the time to connect with nature, urban gardeners can enjoy all the benefits that come with spending time outdoors.

Urban Gardens Provide Fresh Produce And Herbs Right In Your Backyard

Enjoying fresh, delicious produce in your backyard is one of the best things about growing your food. Urban gardeners can grow various fruits, vegetables, and herbs. If you are limited in space, you can even grow many plants in containers. Nothing beats being able to walk out to your garden and pick ripe tomatoes or fresh basil for dinner.


Home-grown produce is fresher than you would find at the store and is often more nutritious. Commercially grown fruits and vegetables are usually picked before they ripe and transported long distances. This can cause them to lose some of their nutrients. When you raise your food, you can be sure that it is fresh and packed with all the nutrients that nature intended.

Urban Gardens Can Save You Money On Groceries

Another great benefit of urban gardening is that it can save money on groceries. Growing your fruits, vegetables, and herbs can help reduce your grocery bill. Even if you only grow a few items, it can still make a dent in what you spend at the store. If you are serious about reducing your grocery bill, you can even start preserving or pickling foods from your garden to enjoy throughout the year.


Of course, saving money is not the only reason for the garden. But it is a nice bonus!

Urban Gardens Are A Great Way To Teach Kids About Where Their Food Comes From

If you have kids, urban gardening can be a great way to teach them about where their food comes from. In today’s world, many children are disconnected from the process of growing food. They may not even know that food doesn’t just come from the grocery store!


Experts like Vikki Nicolai, La Crosse WI eco expert, know gardening is a great way to introduce kids to where food comes from and how it is grown. They can learn about different types of fruits and vegetables, what plants need to grow, and the importance of protecting the environment. Gardening can also be a fun and rewarding activity for kids of all ages.

You Can Help Reduce Pollution And Make Your City More Sustainable

Growing your own food can help reduce pollution and make your city more sustainable. Urban gardens can help reduce the energy needed to transport food from farms to grocery stores. They can also help reduce the amount of packaging used for store-bought produce. In addition, gardening can help improve air quality by providing oxygen and absorbing pollutants.

How To Start Your Own Urban Garden

Now that you know some of the benefits of urban gardening, you may wonder how to get started. The good news is that it is easier than you might think! Here are a few tips. First, choose a spot in your yard or balcony with at least six hours of sunlight per day. This is important for most fruits and vegetables.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash
Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Next, decide what you want to grow. Herbs are a great option if you are limited on space. Once you know what you want to grow, research what type of soil and watering needs your plants will have.


Finally, get started planting! You can buy seeds or starter plants from your local nursery or garden center. Once you have your plants, give them the care they need to thrive. With patience and effort, you will be enjoying fresh, homegrown produce in no time.

Final Thoughts

Urban gardening is a great way to enjoy fresh produce, save money on groceries, and teach kids about where their food comes from. It can also help reduce pollution and make your city more sustainable.


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