Posted on April 12, 2022 at 1:53 pm

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How Collagen can Assist With Painful Joints

We all know that collagen is found in abundance in our bodies!

Whether we talk about the skin, connective tissue, bones, cartilages, or joints.

This is that one supplement that does promise us a lot!


Yes, it helps rejuvenate our skin or improve the health of our gut lining. However, how effective it is when it comes to improving actual ailments. For example-

Joint pain!


Joint pain is a common ailment for anyone who is approaching old age. This is when there is a calcium deficiency, and most of the bones start getting weaker each day.


The first target is always the joints, and when you strain your joints too much, there is a pain that can elongate for days.


So, can collagen supplements really help in reducing that pain?


Let’s find out!

Why Collagen Supplement?

We all know that collagen is something that is found in our body in abundance, and thus when we talk about supplements, it can confuse some people.


So, let us explain why you will need supplements when it comes to collagen.


Collagen is found everywhere in our body, but it only works the finest when they are broken into finer pieces.


Now, that is something our body does naturally, but it loses its charm after a certain age.


Therefore, you will need a collagen peptide supplement which will help you break down the protein and make it work better.

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the protein found in our connective tissues, gut lining, joints, bones, and cartilage. They help in rejuvenating cells and derail some of the anti-aging properties commonly found in our bodies.


Some of which are,


  • Wrinkles.
  • Glowing skin.
  • Joint health.
  • Bone structure, etc.


This is one of the reasons you need to start taking collagen peptide supplements from a very young age to protect yourself from all these aging ailments.

Healthy Cartilage & Joints

Yes, your body needs strong and healthy cartilage to maintain good joint health.


The more you age, the more your cartilage starts to weaken.


As a result, your joints are strained, and you are unable to get even the most simple work done, like walking every day without feeling a certain amount of pain in your joints.

What Type Of Collagen Is Good For Gut Health

The type of collagen supplement which is excellent for your gut health is-


Type II Collagen Peptide.


This type of collagen is heavily present in your articular cartilage, something that you have in the middle of your joint.


This is what keeps your body moving and your joints bending and sliding smoothly.


However, weakening this collagen will only lead to improper conduction of the joints and more pain. This is why Type II peptide collagen supplement is so important to be incorporated into a diet after a certain age.


Years of your joints sliding and rubbing together against the cartilage can cause tear and wear.


This is the reason behind its breaking down and then resulting in aches and pains. 



There are a few more factors that are coming into play here-


When you grow old, there is a certain collagen loss in your body. 


This natural loss of collagen can naturally cause pains and aches when doing too much physical work.

How Can It Help In Reducing The Pain

Here are some of the reasons why collagen supplements can help in reducing joint pain.


If you do not have the right amount of collagen in your body, it is your cartilage that is compromised. 


You might even suffer from joint ailments like osteoarthritis.


When you add the right kind of collagen into your body (this can be done either through supplements or with the assistance of your diet), you can relieve the pain a lot.


It will help you soothe or get rid of the joint pain that you are already experiencing.

Bye To Joint Pain!

In order for this to work, you must start using the collagen supplement before you approach your old age.


This will not be effective immediately.


But, researchers show that within six months, you will be able to soothe the pain.

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