Posted on May 20, 2021 at 3:36 am

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Factors that Make Synthetic Urine the Best Choice for Multiple Uses

Several people rely on synthetic urine for passing drug tests worldwide. One of the primary reasons people depend on fake pee for passing the tests is that it matches the composition of real urine. What is more satisfactory about the fake pee is that the texture and odor of the pee also resemble the texture and odor of the original human pee. 

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Here are some aspects that make artificial urine as good as real pee. These are also the factors that qualify synthetic urine as the best choice for drug testing to get a negative report. 

Compositional Parity

 When you think of fake pee, the first concern that bothers you is compositional parity. In laboratories, when the tester tests the sample urine, he/she gets to know the real composition of the urine. Any amount of disparity would simply be an indication that you have used fake pee. Hence, it seems to be the greatest threat of all. 

However, you can be absolutely sure of the compositional resemblance of fake pee with real urine as it features precisely the same elements found in real human pee. The manufacturers even lend it the same pale yellowish tint and a pungent odor to match human urine. Heat it up to your body temperature, and the bottle of fake pee will fetch you a negative drug test report without raising any suspicions. 

Long Shelf Life

 No matter how perfectly it looks like real human urine, it is just a chemically derived solution. Thus, the organic nature of human urine does not match with the chemical nature of fake pee. While real human pee can go bad within a few days, fake pee comes with a comparatively longer shelf life. 

Hence, plenty of laboratories use fake urine to conduct their experiments and research works. If you wish to use a bottle of fake pee for a drug test to be held within a few days, you can simply store it in a cold and dark place. When stored properly, a quality fake urine lasts for a long time. Therefore, it makes for a smart investment if you are looking forward to passing a drug test.

Artificial urine does not contain any waste material as it is not a real excretory product of the human body. Therefore, it is a more hygienic option at any time over real human pee. Thus, scientists and researchers always find fake pee a better ingredient for conducting experiments over real human pee in laboratories.  

Soothing Properties

Besides making drug tests easier for you, fake pee also helps in cosmetic cures. No matter how absurd it may sound, the cosmetic treatment industry uses fake pee to soothe the pain of urchin or jellyfish stings. The chemicals present in fake pee aids in the process of soothing the burning sensation of a sting. Moreover, it is also beneficial for keeping the skin healthy and glowing. 

If you have severe sunburns on your skin, artificial urine can be an unconventional yet effective remedy. Rubbing fake pee on the burnt area calms the burning effect and heals the skin. Therefore, fake pee fins a plethora of uses in today’s world apart from the much popular drug testing thing. 

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