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6 Signs of Hymen Breakage Every Woman Should Look Out For

Most females have a hymen that is thin and moon-shaped. It sits across the opening of your vagina that stretches when you have sex or use a tampon for the first time. But most of the time, it also breaks due to other reasons. However, there are other reasons or activities for hymen breakage that can be non-sexual. When the hymen breaks, it may or may not hurt. But some women can see signs of hymen breakage as it entirely depends on the body structure and physical health of each individual. Let’s talk about 6 symptoms that are related to hymen breakage in women.

What is a Hymen? How Does it Break?

A hymen is a thin tissue that covers your vaginal opening area. The main function of hymen remains unknown, however several experts believe it keeps the vagina safe from infection. Hymen prevents infections from going deep in your vagina that can cause problems. But what if this tissue breaks? 

It is considered that women always bleed when they break their hymen for the first time. Well, it’s not always true. Not everyone has a hymen, and not every time when it breaks, it causes bleeding. 

However, both of these cases are normal. If you bleed on your first-time penetration, it means your hymen is stretching or tearing, and that is what causes the blood to flow. Since the hymen is a tiny thin skin, the amount of blood should not be much. And it shouldn’t cause too much pain as well.

Though the shape of a hymen varies from one person to another, it does not secure the vaginal opening completely. So there is no doubt in saying that breaking your hymen will not bring any physical problem. 

Usually, hymens leave enough opening on your vagina to let the menstruation blood come out. Hence inserting a tampon doesn’t really hurt. But during sex, since the penis is bigger than a tampon, you may feel uncomfortable initially. And that has a chance of breaking your hymen. Being involved in other sexual activities such as fingering and oral sex usually do not break your hymen.

Can A Hymen Break On Its Own?

Technically, your hymen does not break on its own. But a number of activities can lead to its breakage. For example, excess fingering or masturbation regularly can break your hymen. And, of course, inserting a tampon or a menstrual cup can also break your hymen. But the insertion of an object is not always required for hymen breakage. Even other activities that don’t directly involve your genitals can break your hymen.

Yes, your hymen can break while exercising, riding a horse, swimming, cycling, doing gymnastics, climbing a tree, doing yoga, and more. When it breaks, you are unlikely to feel any pain or discomfort as if nothing ever was there. But some people have also reported feeling a little tenderness and bleeding on their vagina for unknown reasons. Although the case is quite rare, you can call it hymen breakage if you want.

Is Breaking Hymen Painful?

As we mentioned, when your hymen is stretching or tearing, it may or may not feel pain. This is because the size and shape of each hymen is different. And the way it is stretching also differs from one person to another. Usually, if a hymen breaks unknowingly or without efforts, it won’t cause any pain. But when your vaginal muscles are not relaxed, and you are trying to insert a penis or a tampon inside of your vagina, it may hurt. 

When you are having sex for the first time, you may bleed a little, but it is not always because you had a hymen. Due to lack of lubrication, bleeding can also occur when there is a fraction. 

However, while you are having sex or using a tampon for the first time, don’t worry about it. Your concern will tense up the muscles, and you can feel hurt.

What Are the Signs Related to Hymen Breakage?

In case you have torn your hymen, there is a chance of experiencing the following symptoms:

  1. Slight bleeding or nominal spotting 
  2. Discomfort or pain around your vaginal opening
  3. Broken membrane about 1-2cm from your vaginal opening
  4. No signs of the tiny membrane inside the vagina, which generally can be found from your vaginal opening

These are the basic signs of hymen breakage. But to be sure, you can check it for yourself whether or not you have broken your hymen. You can choose to become a virgin again with hymenoplasty surgery in Pune from experienced gynaecologists.

How to Check if You Have Broken Your Hymen?

You don’t have to go to a gynecologist to find out if you have broken your hymen or not. You can check it for yourself using a mirror and your fingers.

Step 1: Wash your hands with hand wash or soap

Step 2: Find a small hand mirror

Step 3: Sit with your legs spread apart 

Step 4: Manage some water-based lubricants if you feel uncomfortable while inserting your finger

Step 5: Place the mirror in front of your vaginal opening to check the hymen

Step 6: Spread open your labia with two fingers. Use the index and middle fingers for ease

Step 7: There would be a thin membrane at the lower part of your vaginal opening, which is the same colour as your inside vagina.

Are There Any Health Conditions Related to Hymen Breakage?

Hymen breakage is generally not a serious health condition. But some women are born with an imperforate hymen that covers the whole opening of their vagina. 

In that case, you need to remove or reshape the hymen surgically to let your period blood out. Otherwise, if you break your hymen, it is not related to any kind of health condition.

Does Everyone Have a Hymen?

Women born with hymen but not all of them. Although people believe that if you have a vagina, you definitely have a hymen. It is not true. You can be a girl with a vagina but not a hymen, and thus, there is no risk of hymen breakage. 

Moreover, you cannot always feel or see your hymen due to their thinness. Even if you are self-examining yourself, the hymen may not be visible. The colour of the tissue is like the colour of your vagina, which blends inside of your body. Therefore, it is not easy to feel it even by a person with a penis.

Does Hymen Grow Back Once Broken?

Once you break your hymen, no matter due to what activity, it will never grow back. Remember that most people don’t even come with a hymen. Therefore, the possibility is you are never going to see another one in your body. It is mythically considered that if you stop having sex, your hymen will grow back, or your vagina will become tighter.

Once you stop having sex, you just stop having it. There will be no after-effects of it on your vagina. Just like no one can tell you if you have had sex before just by penetrating inside you, no one will understand if you stop doing it. Your body responds automatically when aroused. And therefore, when you are not aroused, sex can feel uncomfortable. But that does not mean you have grown back your hymen.

Does Your Hymen Vanish Over Time?

Now, technically, your hymen does not “break” when you insert something in your vagina the first time. It stretches to make space for the outside object. So, here the chance is, your hymen gets thinner over time even if you don’t insert a tampon inside. Inserting a tampon or menstruation cup and fingering yourself makes it easier for the hymen to vanish over time.

So, by the time when you lose your virginity or enter puberty, the hymen is already thinner. That’s why most people don’t even experience pain while breaking it.

Does Broken Hymen Mean You Are Not A Virgin Anymore?

The condition of your hymen—whether or not it is intact doesn’t have anything to do with your virginity. How could something be a sign of virginity that you don’t even know exists or not? Note that “virginity” is not a medical term. It is completely cultural and social, so no one would ever know if you are a virgin or not if you don’t tell them personally. If foreplay is involved in the act properly, then your vagina will stretch automatically for a penis to enter.

You cannot find an accurate way in medical science that can confirm your virginity. Whatever concept you have about virginity associated with your hymen is not true. Only having sex with a person can break your virginity, and it has nothing to do with your hymen. That’s all!

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