Posted on April 30, 2021 at 5:03 am

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Latest eyeglasses trends that will be huge in 2021

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The only accessory which ictus your facial features and personality is a pair of glasses. Back were the days when eyeglasses were worn only to improve eyesight, nowadays they are remarked as a wonderful fashion essential. The trends and styles are ever-evolving and with myriads of store options to shop from, owning the latest pair has never been this easy and economical. Contradicting the popular belief exploring eyeglasses online would not only provide you a much-extended range but would also help you bag additional savings on your bills.

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Eyeglasses Trends to Follow in 2021

Hiked prices should never resist you from following the latest eyeglasses trend. With retailers offering huge discounts on a number of eyeglasses, fashion is now accessible to all low-budget people too. Just choose the style and book the look for yourself from diverse eyewear stores at lofty discounted prices.

  1. Transparent glasses steals the show

From coloured glasses to transparent, everything has its elegance. The transparent rim glasses might be old-fashioned but nonetheless, will always be in trend. These eyeglasses can suit any face type and any complexion. They would render you a funky and cool look.

From several options to choose from when it comes to transparent glasses, you would want a store that can help you pick that perfect pair for your face, on a budget. Consider Lensfit to find your match. On all casual and premium eyeglasses get a discount of 40%. YOu can also get a  free backpack from American Tourister by applying coupon code LFTOURISTER on shopping over Rs. 1000. Moreover, accessories worth Rs. 300 will be given free on every order from Lensfit.

  1. Round glasses from the 90s’

The round frame was very popular in the 90s and has now made a popular comeback. The options remain varied and the style? Remarkable.  If you have a square face then opting for a round eyeglass would be a better option for you. With round glasses, you can bring more attention to your face. These will exult in your facial features perfectly.

Round glasses are available everywhere, but buying them from a place where you can get variation and riveting offers would be a plus point. You can shop from Coolwinks and score 50% off on round eyeglasses. Moreover, if you pay using Google Pay you can even earn a discount of 55% on limited frames. Coolwinks also provides its customers with many bank offers where you can get eyewear at 60% lesser price via Kotak bank and through HDFC bank cards you can save Rs. 400 on every order. Also, you can get a free hoodie on prepaid orders from Coolwinks.

  1. Geometric glasses

Back were the days when only a few shapes were available for eyeglasses. Leave the same round or box-shaped frame behind and go for geometric glasses. These glasses are gaining popularity as there are varied shapes. These particularly suit round faces. Go for shapes like hexagon and octagon and let the eyeglasses bring the magic to your style. With these eyeglasses, grab the attention of the fashionista around you.

Going through various eyeglasses sites just to choose one pair can be tough. Switch directly to LensBazaar to find your selection. Here you will get every design of your choice and according to your style. Add funk to your fashion with geometric eyewear from LensBazaar and get a variety of glasses at a 20% discount. Get much more exhilarating offers from LensBazaar on making an online transaction.

4.Cat eyeglasses

Level up from wearing boring-shaped glasses on every occasion. Choose a frame that triangles you from a boring self. Cat-eye glasses would give you a bold look and is a perfect choice for women of all face shapes. Set a bold statement by wearing cat eyeglasses of different hues. Go for dark coloured glasses and let the naughty behavior speak with your eyes.

Evergreen eyewear since the 80s can bring charm to your face. Reap your stunning cat-eye eyeglasses from Lenskart in the ongoing double bonanza sale and enjoy a discount worth 40%. You can even try redeeming your Lenskart coupons 2021 to pile up your savings. Moreover, if you shop under the sale you can get one free eyewear on every purchase. Make visa payment and you can enjoy an additional discount of Rs. 300 on any eyewear.

5.Oversize framed glasses

Everything is considered better when it is big. Eyeglasses follow different shapes to alter your style but it is not limited to the shape. It can be boring to wear normal size glasses with just a little unique pattern. Hunt for oversize framed glasses and unleash the style icon within you. These are big enough to grab anyone’s attention. Covering the eye with these startling eyeglasses will bring you to the spotlight.

There are many brands for oversize eyeglasses and choosing them is totally dependent on personal choice. You can try Specade to start with and explore various styles for your eyewear. Select your pair, add them to your cart, and bag 20% on your bill. It’s that easy! At Specade you can shop online at the lowest price possible under best deals on eyewear.


With a variety of ongoing trends of eyeglasses, it can be hard to choose one. But your way of styling it will make the process easier. Pick yourself different styles of eyeglasses and amaze everyone with your customize and always unique-looking fashion. Make use of fascinating offers and coupon codes from distinct stores to save massive on your every purchase. Be timeless with these 2021 eyeglasses trends.

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