Posted on October 25, 2020 at 4:09 am

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Make Your Life Better Today

Overthinking about how things unwind in your life shuts your eyes to the opportunities you have now. Ample free time and accessible information have taken the best of us. Productivity is held back by procrastination, and that is why many of us want to change the way things are.

However, tempting that may sound, it is not quite possible. You only have the power to change the way you perceive things and react to them. And if that somehow changes your perspective and makes you appreciate life, then why not?

Here are some of the practices that you, too, can choose to improve your daily life.

Accept Things The Way They Are

Before you make any changes to your routine, you must learn to accept. Most religions around the world do not preach acceptance as an essential part of faith for nothing. It teaches you modesty and inspires patience. And as the famous saying goes, “yesterday I was clever, and I wanted to change the world, today I am wise and want to change myself.”

The only way you can truly change your perspective is by stopping and appreciating what you have. Your job, your relationships, your house, your family, everything!

And that’s not the end of it. As you open your mind up and make space for acceptance, you also drive away from worrying about the things you do not have. Turning minimalistic is probably the best way to go, but it truly is not for everyone.

You should write down your goals and aims in life and start working towards it. And while you do that, do take pit stops to appreciate how far you’ve come. Appreciation goes a long way and eventually builds up into your character.

Organize Your Life

The biggest reason you’re feeling fed up with everything and want to change the way things are mismanagement. Because when you are failing to manage the balance between work and life, you lose control. Very soon, work and life become indistinguishable, and everything takes a bland taste.

Organizing your life begins with the smallest of steps. It is not just the management of work and meetings but also the organizing of your workspace and house. If you have a messy desk or laundry all over the room, there will always be extra stress.

Start by completing the small chores around you. Such as cleaning your desk before you set to work, doing the dishes right after a meal, keeping dirty clothes in the laundry, etc. 

And the best part is that most of these chores take under 5 minutes to complete. Now that you know that, always give yourself the incentive to treat after completing such a task.

This helps you organize yourself as you come to the more significant decisions about planning your day. Also, it enables you to build a habit of working and pushes away the temptations of procrastination. 

Work On Your Emotions

Emotions are a vital part of your day-to-day affairs and life in general. I urge you to work on your emotions and not control them because you can never take hold of your feelings. You may predict to a certain degree about how your day is going to be. But you can never know how something good or bad might affect your mood.

And the best way to work on your emotions is by sharing, socializing, and interacting. Isolating yourself is also one of the contributing factors to the colorlessness that you feel.

You must have a loved one, a friend, a family member, or a colleague you connect to. But, instead of improving that connection, you try to avoid and neglect it. You should take the initiative and invite them out for drinks, lunch, or dinner.

Even without having something important to say, you will notice how a loud laugh and few good jokes can get you through a few days. Now think about the effect it will have when it becomes more frequent.

And more importantly, don’t hold back what you feel. It would be best if you always expressed it. This will make your boundaries visible and give you fewer worries to think about at night.

Be Outdoors Often 

There really is no better advice I can give you other than to start working out. And by working out, I don’t mean to cross 180lbs in the deadlift and work your muscles until they become sore. But at least give your body a tiny bit of activity other than lying around all day.

Although it is mostly due to the recent lockdowns, since electronic devices become more common, there is a decline in the urge to participate in outdoor activities. 

Outdoor activities make you use up your energy and also the stress hormones. And with a depleted store of stress hormones, you are less likely to experience stress and anxiety for long. You would have a much-satisfied end to the day if you did something you love outdoors.

It can be exercise, going on trekking with friends, catching a nearby concert, or playing volleyball at the beach. But it has to drag you out of your couch and get you moving. More than that, you may eventually develop a thirst for exercise, which is, again, the best thing you can get yourself into.

Eat Smartly

We often underestimate how important eating healthy is. Now healthy eating is not all about fruits and leafy greens. It is merely taking care of the nourishment of your body. Food does affect our energy levels and mood, which turns either into stress or an energy boost.

So, it is always good to consult a nutritionist and discuss your goals for your body. And we all have goals for our body! Instead of going the hit-and-trial method, you can have a personalized plan for yourself from a professional.

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Get Enough Sleep

And to end it with the most critical consideration of all, get enough sleep and that too of good quality. Sleeping is an automated function of the body, like breathing. When you feel tired and need to recharge, you start feeling drowsy and look for a place to rest your head for a while.

Studies show that 7-9 hours of sleep is good enough for adults. But it also lays specific emphasis on the quality of sleep. Now, what is the quality of sleep?

It is how well you sleep when you do, how irritated you are, and how good of a rest you are getting—ever noticed how some mornings you just don’t feel the energy? That’s because you slept enough, but not good enough!

To improve your sleep quality, you can try a few tricks that I do for myself. Setting up a routine for fixed sleeping and waking up times dramatically improves how quickly and well you sleep. Other than that, try to bring a gap of at least 2 hours between your last use of screens and bedtime.

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