Posted on August 5, 2020 at 3:52 am

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Great Health Benefits of Painting and Drawing

As a child, there were some great times to be had when you were given a fresh piece (or pieces) of blank paper and a new pack of crayons. Images within your imagination found themselves brought to life on paper and you had visuals to help explain your imaginary world to your friends and family. And what about those days you were given your first easel with paints? Now the world opened up into new possibilities and opportunities to put your images to life. Mixing the water together with the paint, honing your skills, and determining what creative projects brought the most joy to your life is an important part of a person’s development from child to adult!  If you want to start your interest in painting, you can learn How to use Oil Paints here

But did you know that there are actually great health benefits of painting and drawing? And these health benefits are both mental and physical? That’s right – there are health benefits when it comes to practicing the art of painting and drawing.


The mental health benefits that come from painting and drawing are far greater than anyone could have imagined. They include but are not limited to the following benefits:

Motor Function

Painting and drawing encourage the growth of motor skills and coordination. Having to color within the lines, visualize the image that is in your mind and transfer to it paper, and the act of tracing, drawing, and painting these images all require motor skills and coordination. Continuous painting and drawing encourage the growth of these skills and increase them over time.


It soothes the anxious mind. Anxious people can benefit from painting and drawing as the act of creating the images is repetitious and requires concentration along with focus. This allows the anxious person to stop focusing on what is spiking their anxiety and instead, their focus is on their masterpiece – calming the mind and slowing the heart rate.

Positive Self-Image

It brings forth feelings of accomplishment. Those who finally finish that painting or that drawing will feel accomplished and proud of what they have achieved. These positive feelings combat the negative ones in the mind that could stem from anxiety or depression; showing the artist that they are worth it, they can do these things, and they can complete them.

For the Brain

Painting and drawing have ties with memory growth, strength, recognition. Seeing as you are transforming an image from your consciousness to paper, you need to be able to trust your memory and how you want the final product to look. Remembering what type of paint is best, how to mix the paint, how different pencils shade in different ways, etc. has a profound and positive effect on the mind.

Stress Reliever

They both provide stress relief. Whether you plan to draw out the demons or situations that are causing you stress or you just want to fling paint angrily at the canvas; you are reducing stress either way. These acts allow you to find a positive and creative outlet for your stress and some people find they produce their best works of art during these times.

Emotional Growth

Encourages emotional growth and release. Those who find that they struggle to show their emotions or purge themselves of negative ones that exist in their subconscious can greatly benefit from painting and drawing. The blank canvas becomes an outlet for the world to know how they are truly feeling and as these emotions are out in the open, the artist can become more adept at showing emotions in the present.


You might not think that painting and drawing can have physical health benefits as it isn’t a strenuous or physically intensive activity but there are! Studies done while the patients have been painting and/or drawing have shown that the repetition and soothing motions lead to a reduced heart rate, steadier breathing, and general sense of well-being which can prevent heart disease in later years.

Those who paint or draw on large canvases’ also have to perform light stretching and lunging while moving from one side of the easel to the other. These light stretches, combined with the soothing effects of the painting and drawing, have overall benefits for the person. They are able to work out the aches and kinks in their muscles without even realizing they are doing so!


It shouldn’t matter if you are an adult or a child – painting and drawing, rediscovering that joy, and bringing your imagination to life is timeless. That is why you should head out to your local department store or craft store today and pick up the supplies for painting and drawing! Who knows? You might be able to peddle your wares at the next craft fair and share your creative side with others. If you are planning on gifting or selling your creative paintings and drawings, then you want high quality materials, such as this highly rated paper for oil pastels!

If you want to ease your way back into painting and drawing for the health benefits outlined in this article, why not look at adult coloring books? They allow you to experience the joy of painting and drawing while rehoming your skills as an artist!

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