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Dog not a fan of CBD Oil? Here’s a solution

With humans experiencing the many health benefits of CBD, why should their best four-legged friend be left behind? Yes, we are referring to dogs, and how there are now CBD products available for them, with the same health and relaxation benefits that we experience while using CBD. CBD has a lot to offer for your pets that’s why many pet owners prefer CBD for cats and dogs to treat their pets’ health related issues.

An intro to CBD

To those who are still not aware of CBD is and why it has become so popular suddenly, we’d like to mention that CBD which is a cannabinoid, extracted from hemp plants is being recognized the world over for its wellness properties, especially in curing anxiety, providing relief from pain, stress and even helping people sleep better.

CBD is very distinct from THC, which is known to cause a “high effect” among people. While some forms of CBD may contain THC the percentage of CBD in them is lower than 0.3%.

CBD grew in popularity after the cultivation of hemp was legalized in the US in 2018, with many other countries also the following suit. As medical researchers explored the usage of CBD, they found it to have many therapeutic benefits, even in people suffering from ailments for a long time.

One of the most popular products is CBD oil, which is extracted from the hemp plant using a technique known as the CO2 extraction process. The other term for this is also known as CBD extraction. CBD oil is available in both an isolated form, which is the purest form of CBD as well as broad & full spectrum CBD which contain the other compounds found in the hemp plant as well.

Today, one can find and use CBD in different forms such as oils, tinctures, gummies, and even capsules as per our convenience and the dosage required. Researchers have also explored its usage among dogs to see how it could benefit them and what could be the potential effects.

CBD for Dogs

CBD works on the dog, in a manner similar to the effect it has on humans by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors located within the body’s nervous system. These receptors are the key to our immune system and our mood, stress levels, etc.  

By enhancing the effect of these receptors, CBD helps bring a balance to the entire system, thereby influencing our moods and giving us a relaxing feeling. 

Given to dogs, CBD can help them feel better, get relief from pain while being relaxed and calm at the same time. Many prominent brands have also launched a special line of products, just for dogs including oils, balms, and treats.

The CBD products formulated for dogs while helping them relax also promote healthy hips and joints, while also promoting good skin health among them. However the earthy and bitter taste of CBD Oil, does not appeal to all dogs, and they tend to start avoiding it. There are various other products by CBD for dogs and dogs you can try to offer them a better taste.

The suitable alternative to CBD Oil, is CBD Dog Treats

To make the CBD experience appetizing for the dogs and ensure they keep taking their doses. Like Fab CBD has launched CBD treats in chicken-flavor and its review can be found here. You can also check for a discount on Fab products.

Some of the companies also have CBD balms that can be applied directly to the dogs, on the areas they may be suffering from pain, etc.

How to buy CBD treats for dogs

Similar to the CBD products available for humans, there are many variants and brands available for dogs too, this makes the choice of selecting the best one for them quite difficult. Since every dog has a different temperament and body structure, simply buying any product may not suit them at all.

As the owner and closest friend of your dog, you would be in a much better position to understand what would suit them the best and how you would like to start his CBD experience. While starting with a low dose is ideal, do consider the overall growth and body structure of your dog, before buying a CBD product for him.

Consulting with a vet before you start with the CBD dosage, especially one who treats your dog regularly is a good option and will help you use a more systematic and planned approach to this new diet supplement in his life. 

Also make sure that you use CBD treats that have been specially designed for dogs and do not share products meant for human consumption with him, as some of the ingredients such as grape seed oil could be toxic for them. Oil drops are suitable for dogs as they can be easily mixed with his meal and given to him.

To guide you on, the factors you should look for when buying a CBD treat for your dog, here are a few pointers.

Check the ingredients 

Be sure to check the ingredients listed on the packaging, so that there are no ingredients that your dog may be allergic too. Also avoid CBD treats with artificial flavors, preservatives, and additives as they may not be suitable for your dog.

Most of the reputed companies that offer good quality CBD treats follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), which basically certifies that the products have been made in a hygiene environment and follow all the guidelines laid down by the industry bodies for producing CBD products.

The CBD used in the production of the treat, should have been extracted using a safe, hygienic process and not have any contaminants in them.

Third-Party Lab tested

To protect the integrity of the hemp used in the production of CBD and ensure it comes from an original, natural, and uncontaminated source all CBD products need to be tested and certified by third-party labs before they are released in the market.

The laboratory testing also ensures that there are no artificial ingredients and contaminants present in the CBD extract. 

Since all manufacturers are required to conduct third-party lab testing for all the batches of CBD produced by them, the absence of a lab report could imply that standard procedures have not been followed in the production of that CBD.

You can easily download the latest lab reports from the manufacturer’s website or even ask them for one, as they are legally required to provide you with one, on request.

The third-party lab report is also known as the Certificate of Analysis (COA) and has details of the CBD and THC levels present within the product.

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Certified for animal usage

All the products meant for pets and other animals need to be certified to be safe to use for them by the National Animal Supplement Council. (NASC) This ensures that only high-quality ingredients have been used in the production of the supplement with no potential side effects. 

The NASC certification is awarded only to manufacturers who follow the highest quality and production standards and have had their premises audited by them, so if the CBD dog treats, you are considering has been certified by them, you can rest assured about its quality and benefits for your dog.

The NASC certification also requires manufacturers to follow strict labeling guidelines, random product testing, real-time updates on any potential problems, etc.

The quality of the CBD

This is one of the key things you should consider when planning to buy CBD treats for your dog. The quality of the CBD used in the product depends a lot on where the hemp has been sourced from (US grown hemp is preferred) and how it has been harvested and extracted.

Full-spectrum CBD is preferred for dog treats as it has all the other beneficial compounds in the hemp plant as compared to CBD isolates, which only have pure CBD. The full spectrum CBD promotes an “Entourage Effect” wherein all the compounds work towards the common goal of the wellbeing and health of your dog.

The effect of full-spectrum CBD also promotes consistent benefits and results in your pet. The compounds that are present in full-spectrum CBD are fatty acids, minerals, proteins, chlorophyll, fiber, flavonoids, and terpenes.

Another factor that affects the quality of the CBD is the extraction method used to produce the CBD, with the CO2 extraction method being preferred due to its safety and non-usage of any solvents in the extraction process. This ensures that the CBD is of the highest quality and purity.

Suggested products for dogs

CBD can be used in an oil form, as a dietary supplement for dogs, with the dosage being administered orally to them or mixed with their favorite foods. The other options that are available in the market include dog chews, which are bite sized treats that have CBD infused in them.

Chews also include other essential ingredients that are good for your dog’s overall health and give him the required dosage of vitamins and nutrients he needs to maintain his active lifestyle.


As owners, we will try to get the CBD dog treats that are best in the market. But no matter which CBD treats you consider, make sure that it follows the highest quality and production standards.

CBD treats are a great dietary supplement and help add to the overall wellness and health of your dog in a positive way. Starting with a small dosage, you can gradually build up the dosage of CBD in a couple of weeks based on the results and your vet’s recommendation.

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