Posted on July 3, 2020 at 10:46 pm

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All you need to know about cannabis concentrates

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Is it likely to catch the flavors and aromas from a living plant and convey that experience to the cannabis user? Yes, after extraction of cannabis plant material that leaves you with a more potent and flavorful concentrate that contains cannabinoids and terpenes only, excluding the extra plant stuff has become a new favorite of many nowadays and is famous as live resin because of its distinctive flavors and properties.


            Modern cannabis cultivation is benefited by the innovations in technology and has given a new rise to the industry. As you will understand more about cannabis and its concentrate, you will also discover new techniques and procedures to get more potent concentrates in this article, such as live resin.

How to manufacture live resin?

The plant is known for cannabinoids and terpenes, and these can be extracted in many ways. Live resin is a form of butane hash oil ( BHO) more potent form of cannabis concentrates and comes in varied consistencies but less flavored and pure than the live resin. The production of live resin is also more sophisticated in its comparison and needs specialist equipment (special extractor that holds four chambers). It uses fresh buds from the plant, which must be frozen right after and then dried.

Live resin is more flavored.

The cannabis must be carefully dried and cured as during this, 55% essential oil could be lost during this process proven by research at the University of Mississippi

You can also produce live resin by CO2 extraction, another procedure to meet the growing demand of this extract. After extraction, the material is then cleared out for removing impurities in a vacuum oven. Most growers find purchasing marijuana seeds from online seed banks to be a daunting and somewhat intimidating prospect. Growers who order from online seed banks for the first time may have doubts about whether their purchase is even legal.


Live resin appears as fluid-like because of more terpenes present in it, which are also responsible for its excellent flavor profile and immense aroma. Due to higher amounts of monoterpenes, it is unstable as they can degrade at room temperature in contrast to BHO.


Live resin is the most potent concentrate of cannabis but, at the same time, also associates some flaws. First thing first, to manufacture live resin, you have to follow a more complex procedure and will need specialized equipment. Cryogenic freezing is an essential step in manufacturing and involves the use of liquid nitrogen, which could be unsafe for your health.


You will need a lot of money to spend if you are planning to produce live resin because of its complex and time-consuming manufacturing procedure. Another weakness is its high addiction and adverse side effects because of its more potent nature. 

The usefulness of live resin and other concentrates

Live resin’s effectiveness and high potency are most useful for medicinal purposes. It can easily commute painful medical conditions such as chemotherapy side effects, epilepsy, migraine, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.


 In just one uptake, it provides sufficient THC and other cannabinoids to enter the body and offers smooth compliance. Live resin is the main focus of scientific researches because of its healing properties and can be a great asset in the medical field.


Sadly, because of strict regulations, cannabis is not benefiting healthcare at least entirely, and as a society, and as a European Union, we have to work on this aspect.

Top strains to make live resin

All live resin yields are not equal as you want to know which source will get massive production. So let’s unravel this secret, these are the best strains to make live resin:


If you are looking for a strain that has healthy resin production, it is for you. It contains 50% Indica genetics and 50% Sativa and hits your mind high. As it grows massive buds with the super quality, it has an abundant terpene that releases a fantastic aroma.


It is one of the famous cannabis strains; it lifts cognitive skills instantly because of its high terpene (19%) and THC content. Use it while you are solving a math problem or performing any investigation. It is a hybrid of cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa and hence has well-balanced properties.


Another potent strain to produce high-quality live resin is the fruit spirit, which came into existence because of a breeding experiment. As the name indicates, it deliberates an enormous aroma of tropical fruits. Its high terpene profile gives it immense sweetness like blueberry, which enriches your taste buds with new flavors; hence you will not get bored while smoking it. It readily alerts your mind and uplifts your mood as it contains 18 % THC and 60 % Sativa dominant.


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