Posted on June 22, 2018 at 6:29 am

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Shakti Mohan Celebrated International Yoga Day At Nritya Shakti Studio While Actress Jyoti Singh Did The Same In NY

Yesterday was International Yoga Day and Bollywood celebrities too celebrated it. Over the past few years, a number of celebrities have turned to Yoga to maintain their enviable bods, gain peace of mind and promote healthy living. Yoga is a natural form of exercise that cleanses your mind and body at the same time. Several Bollywood celebrities practice Yoga in their daily workout routine to have toned body and beautiful skin.

Shakti Mohan And Jyoti Singh on International Yoga Day

Dancer Shakti Mohan who has been practicing yoga for some time now. She encourages her students to indulge in Yoga on a regular basis too. So much so that, Shakti’s dance studio, Nritya Shakti Studio has dedicated Yoga teachers for the students.

Shakti Mohan said,

“I like to start my day with meditation followed by yoga and then exercise. Breathing is crucial in dancing and so, it is an important part of my exercise. I feel proud that Yoga has been originated in ancient India, and the rest of the world from all walks of life are practicing yoga. I make a point to incorporate Yoga into my fitness regime which gives me discipline in my lifestyle. My Parents, my sisters and me, we all do yoga together and it is kind of a Family activity and fun. It helps me in my dance as yoga is the alignment of soul, body, and mind. It gives you peace and calm.”

While asking about her favorite asanas, Shakti added,

“Surya Namaskar, Chakrasana, and savasana are my favorites and these postures help me in my dance also”.

See these pictures of Shakti Mohan on International Yoga Day 2018:

Actress Jyoti Singh was seen celebrating International Yoga day in the US. Jyoti Singh got fame through movie Yadvi- The Dignified Princes alongside Chandrachur Singh.

Here are some pics of Jyoti Singh that will inspire you.

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