Posted on March 25, 2017 at 12:36 am

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10 Worst Weight Loss Supplements Ever

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As a rule, the people aimed at losing weight are anxious about the drugs to aid in their undertakings. However, the present article provides an information about the products to avoid in your search for a natural weight loss solution.



This diet pill is escorted by the loud claims like “boosting metabolic processes” and “increasing energy”. Nevertheless, no magic pill to burn your fat immediately exists. Even a packed with caffeine solution named Hydroxycut is unlikely to approach you to a slim body. To the contrary, the pill has a hidden harmful potential due to the overuse of stimulants.



Another mythical pill to make your fat vanish. The manufacturer claims that Alli prevents your body from the absorption of fat. In fact, it is true and the drug does block fat. However, it blocks also the absorption of the other important elements. Besides, an increased fat intake will lead to the adverse consequences like diarrhea and oily spotting. If you like extreme, you might opt for this questionable diet drug.



This drug has a long history since it was used initially as a component of explosives. The next application of Dinitrophenol is for the weight management. To dispel all your doubts, the product is known to cause several dozen lethal cases in recent years. Those who like playing with edged tools will appreciate this weight loss bomb.


1 Day Diet

Meet another enemy for your body upon the search for the supplement. This brand with the interesting name comes from China. The diet pill is also claimed to release your organism from various unhealthy deposits. In practice, the users may experience a full range of heart risks due to the content of the banned ingredient called sibutramine.



Another representative of a sibutramine-containing drug comes from Japan. The pill is marketed as a mean to shed weight in days. It might be the truth but it is difficult to verify because of the severe risk of heart attack.



This drug deserves the first place in our rating due to its controversial reviews found on the web. Indeed, you can find numerous positive feedbacks claiming that losing weight is simple with Fen Phen. We will not dispute the appetite suppressant properties of the pill because they are great. However, high performance costs the heart issues that can lead to death as the case in 1997.



This is a short name of the Clenbuterol drug that is illegal in the territory of the USA. The product has a long history associated with multiple bans and restrictions. For example, the International Olympic Committee decided to prohibit this drug due to the vast number of side reactions like muscle tremor, diarrhea, nausea etc. This terrible pill is known under the other names including Ventipulmin and Spiropent.



If the advertising is the truth, the drug provides the extreme appetite suppressing properties. In fact, the efficiency is not worth a straw. Fortunately, the product has not been observed in causing adverse effects.



Another product that opted for sibutramine as the major ingredient. You already know that your heart will do better without this component. The same thing can be said about Meridia. It is officially banned in the USA.



Eventually, the dessert is served. The brand produces a special diet product named weight loss spray. Users spray the drug under the tongue and expect for the numerous benefits. Unfortunately, most of them are frustrated with no energy boost or hunger suppression.

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