Posted on May 21, 2023 at 3:19 am

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Uorfi Javed gives befitting response to Vivek Agnihotri after he criticises Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Cannes’ outfit

Uorfi Javed is a renowned name in the entertainment fraternity of India, and the way she expresses her straightforward views towards wrongdoing is truly appreciated by society. And in recent times, she has raised her voice against so many false actions against any individual who is not capable of giving back. But what she did recently has turned the heads of regional and international media, audiences, and fans towards it. The fashion queen Uorfi has the support of none other than our Cannes Festival national representative, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Yes, you read that absolutely.


Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team
Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team


Aishwarya Rai lately got criticised for her attire adorned at the Cannes festival by Indian film director Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri. Denouncing Ash’s outfit, the film-maker tweeted,

“Have you guys heard of a term called ‘Costume Slaves’. They are mostly girls (a suited man in this case). You can see them now in India too with almost every female celeb. Why are we becoming so stupid and oppressive just for such uncomfortable fashion?”

This tweet made Uorfi Javed unsettled, and she wasted no time coming out in support of the Ponniyan Selvan 2 actress.

Uorfi wrote a benefiting tweet responding to Vivek’s tweet, in which the fashion diva not only supported Ash but also put forth her views on this. She tweeted,

“Mai jaan na chalti hu Aapne kaunse fashion school se apni degree lee Hai? Aapko dekh k lagta hai aapko fashion ki kaafi samajh hai, fashion movie aapko direct kami chahiye thi!”

Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team
Photo Courtesy Uorfi Javed Team


This tweet has currently made it into the hot talk of the town, and this gesture by Uorfi Javed definitely shows how much she respects the representatives of our nation who are making our country proud globally.

After this immense backing from Uorfi, Aishwarya might feel a bit relaxed because such things affect them at a different level, and who can better understand this than Uorfi Javed herself? And looking at this on an integral level, she came up to support her and tweeted without apprehensions. For more updates, stay tuned.

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