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The Best Luxury Handbag Brands in 2022

A luxury handbag is the kind of investment which offers more than just a rising value and price tag – with many buyers revelling in the hunt for, and their time in possession of, the most coveted, rarest, in-demand bags on the luxury market.

While there is a multitude of brands which sell high-quality wares for top-level price tags, there are some designers who garner a higher status than others as luxury brands – with varying authentication factors contributing towards the rising value and investment potential of a handbag on both the brand new and resale market. Aside from financial status, the brand story, history, and the popularity of a bag during the brand’s rise in prominence contribute towards its status as an iconic and popular model – with the most successful brands boasting several well-known and well-loved handbag collections and models. 

For now, however, we want to focus on the best luxury handbag brands from 2022 – with three brand names which consistently appear on lists covering the most valuable, the most coveted, and the most stylish handbags available. 

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Photo by The Nix Company on Unsplash


What makes a handbag brand worthy of luxury status?

There are a number of factors which contribute towards the status of a handbag brand – with the brand name, the status of the brand in terms of celebrity fans and endorsements, and of course the price tag all contributing towards how a brand is received on the market.

However, to become luxurious and considered a specific luxury, a brand needs to do more than just increase the price of its pieces and put them in the hands of celebrities.

Luxury handbags today need to bridge the gap between timeless style and innovative design, and they need to be creative and stand out while still appealing to enough buyers that they command that integral coveted status on the brand-new and resale market. A luxury brand in the modern market releases different and often highly inventive pieces, with the call of celebrity fans needed only to bolster and enhance the position of the brand on the market. 

All in all, it is not enough to rely on a strong logo and A-list customer base to become luxurious – with the following brands pulling out all the stops to remain relevant.  

3 of the best luxury handbag brands in 2022


Chanel is a brand which has been around for over 110 years, making a name for itself with both its timeless style and the design flair which made founder Coco Chanel a revolutionary designer that was way ahead of her time. Spearheading style concepts such as the little black dress and the hands-free shoulder bag, Chanel’s place as one of the best luxury brands on the market has been solidified, time and time again, by the release of updated handbags and other accessories, meeting customer demand and giving buyers things they didn’t know they wanted.  

Louis Vuitton

Everyone knows the Louis Vuitton brand – a fact which contributes towards the consistent success that the brand has seen since its launch in 1854 – alongside its distinctive bag design, its diverse range of accessories and products, and the balance between accessible aesthetics but exclusive and limited collections which drive demand. 


If there was ever a brand that could compete against Chanel in the luxury handbag designer marketplace, it’s Hermes. From the iconic orange box and dustbag, to the structured shape which has become synonymous with the Hermes bag, not only does Hermes have its own plethora of branded colourways and palettes but every bag manages to be both effortlessly fashionable and highly functional. 

Any and every Hermes release collects huge interest and attention, with prices increasing exponentially on the resale market, as soon as a buyer has left the original retail store. 

How to get your own luxury handbag

All three of these brands are known in the retail and resale market as among the best luxury handbag designers of all time – but getting your hands on your very own Chanel, Hermes, or Louis Vuitton doesn’t have to be impossible.

The best resale companies will offer a buyer service alongside comprehensive valuation and authentication services so that you can be sure that your designer handbag is not only authentic but priced correctly. 

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