Posted on November 1, 2022 at 4:46 am

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Ready for the wedding season? Fashion designer Anjali Phougat shares tips on how to look perfect!

With the wedding season just round the corner, it’s time to get those heavy clothes and jewellery out! However, there is a fine line between looking gorgeous and overdoing it! Ace designer Anjali Phougat tells us how to keep it trendy and stylish yet comfortable this wedding season!


Choose high-quality fabrics

Fabrics and so important as it decides on how an outfit falls. Anjali says that good fabrics and comfortable cuts are integral and should suit your personality.

Go colourful

Do not hesitate to play with colors, says Anjali, this wedding season. Don’t hesitate to pick up vibrant festive prints.

Quality over quantity

Instead of crowding your cupboards with unending clothes and jewellery, it’s important to invest in a few high-end statement pieces. Don’t wear super heavy and bulky clothing, it tends to make anyone look big. Choose good fitting comfy clothes and focus on cut, fall and soft fabrics, says Anjali.


There is no need to empty your pockets buying new clothes for everything! Be versatile and use your creativity to repeat old pieces with new style draping and accessories, says Anjali.

Be yourself

Look best for yourself and don’t dress to please others is Anjali’s motto. She says it’s important to enjoy, rather than stress. She says, “I don’t follow trends that are suggested in following trends made by others. Be trendsetters and be yourself. Go with what you like best for your body type instead of choosing something completely out of your comfort zone.”

Health and fitness

According to the expert, the focus this season should be on self-grooming and inner peace and glow will reflect from within. You must eat clean and all sweets must be in moderation. Of course, a workout is a must!

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