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Best Types Of Winter Shoes For Men In 2022

When it comes to men’s fashion, shoes are the ones that stand out. Unlike clothes, shoes for men have a wide range of designs and options. This makes shoes extremely popular among men. But when we narrow it down to a particular season like winter, then the options get way fewer for men. The only winter shoe that I used to know for a long time was the chunky not so good looking, insulated shoe. But then as I started researching, I found out about the variety of winter boots and also that many non-winter boots can be worn during the winter as well. If you lack winter shoe knowledge as much as I did, then this article is just for you. In this article, we shall look into factors to consider when buying winter shoes and also some of the best non-winter shoes that can be worn during the winter. 


Sneakers are one of the most popular footwear in the fashion industry. This is mainly due to the fact that sneakers can be worn during all seasons. Unlike other winter shoes, sneakers look extremely stylish and give you a youthful look as well. When it comes to outfits, sneakers can be paired with almost every outfit for men. Be it casual, formal, or winter wear, sneakers are your one-stop solution if you prefer a youthful look.


Snow Boots

If you live in a place where it snows a lot, men’s snow boots are your best choice. These boots are made for such conditions. They provide maximum grip and protection from cold. The only clothing choice for snow boots is winter outfits, hence you need not have to worry about other outfits too much.


When it comes to snow boots, you can never go wrong with Nortiv8’s Snow boots. Nortiv8 is one of the top brands for adventure and winter boots. Hence, no matter which boot you buy from Nortiv8, you can be assured of quality and superior protection. As for the snow boots collections, Nortiv8 provides insulation and waterproofing to most of their snow boots. They also have unique styles in their snow boots collection as well, do have a look at them if you plan on buying snow boots.


Chukka Boots

The Chukkas are one of the most liked and recommended boots for men. This is because of their unique look and how they make you stand out from the crowd. These boots are more suitable for semi-formal to semi-casual outfits. Hence clothes like jeans and blazers, pants and shirts and t-shirts match well with these boots.


Tactical Boots

Tactical boots and snow boots are somewhat similar. The only advantage of a snow boot over a tactical boot is the ability of the snow boots to withstand extreme cold. Now, if you are wondering if you should buy a tactical or a snow boot then the answer depends on the temperature of the location you live in. If the place you live in is extremely cold during the winter, then get snow boots. If the cold is slightly bearable, go for the tactical boots as these boots can be used for other purposes like adventures and mountaineering as well.


Things To Consider For Winter Shoes:

First, let us look into some of the things to consider while looking for winter shoes. These things mentioned below will make sure that you will always feel comfortable and safe in the shoe that you buy for winter.



By far the most important thing to consider while purchasing your winter shoe is the grip. Winter is all about snow and moisture, hence you will need to make sure that you don’t slip while walking all the time. For this, you have to look into the grip of the outsole of the shoe. Make sure that the shoe you buy has some grip so that it provides you with the needed friction and helps you not to slip and fall.


Comfort and Fabric:

Comfort and fabric go hand-in-hand. Good fabric means better comfort. As with fabrics, make sure that the shoe you buy is made out of a fabric that you are not allergic to. In addition, make sure the products are made of quality fabrics as well. Cheap fabric will always cause irritation no matter if you are allergic to it or not. As for comfort, make sure the shoe is breathable enough so that you have the right amount of airflow to keep your feet sweat-free. You do not want a high amount of airflow either, as this might end up making your feet extremely cold.



The last factor to consider is the pricing. Winter shoes come in all price ranges. Pick your price range and stick to it. You might think that the higher the price, the more quality is the shoe, but this is not always true. Many vendors like Nortiv8 provide great quality winter shoes at an affordable price range. 


Some Of The Best Winter Shoes In The Market:

Now that we know the things to consider when buying a winter shoe, let us now look into some of the best winter shoe options for men and some outfits that match well with these shoes.


To conclude, these are some of the best shoes for men that can be worn during winter. The above-mentioned outfits are what we think might suit well with the shoe. This doesn’t mean you should stick to it. Feel free to pair your shoes with other outfits as well. Also, have a look at the Nortiv8 snow boots collections for affordable, stylish, and top quality winter footwear.



I used to believe winter boots for men were boring, but not anymore. Read this article to find out more about winter boots and also about summer boots that can be worn during winter.

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