Posted on July 27, 2022 at 2:52 pm

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Masaba Gupta Admires Urfi Javed’s Looks

Masaba Gupta, a renowned fashion designer, compliments Urfi Javed stating,

“I want to learn from Urfi Javed, as she puts a lot of effort and hard work into her appearances.”


Urfi Javed, a social media sensation, has taken the Internet by storm with her fashionable and outspoken appearance. Urfi has also managed to catch the attention of photographers, her followers, and now Bollywood, who couldn’t resist her allure.

Urfi Javed was recently praised for her fashion sense by Ranveer Singh on an episode of Koffee with Karan.

Now, fashion designer Masaba Gupta has lavished praise on Urfi for her sense of style, saying, “I want to learn from Urfi Javed, I think she’s putting in a lot of hard work. More than any designer, any brand, she’s really working hard on her outfits everyday. I would rate her choices 10/10 because there’s so much effort. There’s a thought behind each garment, there’s a thought behind where she wants to take her photos, there’s a thought behind the hair and make up. It’s a lot of hard work. People think it’s easy to make content, dress up and go. Just put on the look, wear heels just for 3 days and go outside you’ll be wiped out, Urfi does it everyday.”

Masaba continued, “We don’t mind seeing a huge star get dressed everyday and being papped at the airport so then why do we have a problem with this. She has a very intriguing mind and I would like to understand that thought process.”

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