Posted on May 25, 2022 at 10:09 pm

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New South Asian Workwear Label: Entrepower

EntrePower: pret-a-porter workwear label

Entrepower adopts an intelligent approach to design, combining the social conscious with material innovation in order to humanize luxury womenswear. It takes an ergonomic approach to create stylish, functional, and on-trend designs for the women of today. Their SS 2022 collection is an evolution that preserves the brand’s underlying ethos while taking it in a direction that appeals to a broader range of customers.


With elevated styles and an authoritative voice, Entrepower emerges as a quiet fashion force for the underserved work-wear segment in India. The brand’s forte is not pompous declarations but the effective technicality of clothesmaking.  The merchandising theme strikes a balance between ones that would engage new customers, as well as others aimed at outfitting loyal traditional buyers for the way they dress to work today. The collection is strongly rooted in the idea of quiet power.
New South Asian Workwear Label: Entrepower


Their reductive and functional clothing is engineered to serve social modernity through high-tech fabrications, precise executions, and elevated finishes. Additionally, they believe in the coexistence of dichotomies – simplicity and elegance, style and comfort, versatility and permanence. Entrepower aims at helping women feel empowered as well as comfortable and confident. Lastly, Entrepower’s key agenda is to build communities around Indian fashion’s underserved interests/segments

About the Entrepower

New South Asian Workwear Label: Entrepower

Entrepower is an e-commerce store for ambitious and determined women who go out every single day to make the world a better place. It was founded by Diyanshi Shukla and Arpita Shukla. It is a formal wear brand for women which is size-inclusive, vibrant, and empowering. Entrepower takes pride in combining impeccable quality and uniqueness of silhouettes to provide the best products.
Divyanshi Shukla was let down when she couldn’t find the perfect graduation suit for her convocation. She recalls telling her mother that India requires its own powerful women’s formal and workwear line. That sudden epiphany made her decide to launch ‘Entrepower,’ her own e-commerce website selling workwear apparel for women.
Arpita Shukla is a motivated young woman who is already juggling multiple roles in her life. She embodies everything a modern Indian girl should be: vivacious, self-assured, and eager to explore the world’s more challenging corners. She has always been there for her fellow girls, encouraging them and debating issues concerning women’s rights.
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