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Trends in Athleisure: Women’s Nike Shoes for Every Style

Experts agree that exercising for as little as 20 minutes a day can completely change your life. As more people realize the importance of fitness, athleisure wear is becoming increasingly popular! The clothing trend has been growing in popularity over the last decade, and it’s completely revamping the fashion industry. If you’re ready to get in on the athleisure wear fun, this article is for you. By learning how to pair your Nikes with different outfits, you can create the perfect street style look.

What are the top outfits you can create with women’s Nike shoes? Read on to find out!

Winter City Style Outfits

Did you know that women’s Nike shoes look great with winter apparel? 

For the perfect winter day look, try putting on a pair of black leggings. Add on a nice striped top or a solid color. You can accessorize the outfit with an oversized scarf and a fun set of gloves.

When you put on your pair of Nike trainers, it’ll tie your entire look together. Consider going one step further with a stylish trench coat. The trench coat can be long but made with lightweight material so that it doesn’t steal away from the rest of your outfit’s features.

As far as colors go, the coat and scarf be in the gray or brown color family. The muted colors will blend perfectly with your black pants. 

Spring Into Nike Shoe Trends City Style

Are you ready to break away from cold winter outfits? Then you should embrace Nike shoe trends for the springtime!

You’ll love dressing up your pair of Nikes with a great spring-themed approach. We suggest wearing a solid black skirt for a spring city-style look.

Next, a caramel-colored overcoat can accompany the black skirt. The caramel-colored coat should have large buttons and a large collar to match.

We suggest pairing the overcoat with a pair of brown or burgundy Nikes. You’ll be able to create the perfect color palette without looking too busy.

Don’t be afraid to mix around the colors a little bit. Everybody’s style will be different. You might find that a pair of black sneakers help complete your look, and you might want to try a more colorful coat. Other color options include white coats, burgundy coats, and uniformed black coats.

Make sure you accessorize your outfit with the perfect pair of sunglasses. Since you’ll be creating a city-style outfit, aviator sunglasses or traditional frames work best.

Super Summer Looks With Women’s Athletic Shoes

So far, we’ve been talking about outfits that work well in the spring or winter. But what about the summertime?

One of our favorite summer combinations includes using silver, great, and nude tones. When you add in some gold bracelets, you’ll be able to create a uniform color palette.

You can also go with a pair of gray jogging pants for a casual summer look. The jogging pants should be form-fitting and made in a popular athleisure wear style.

You’ll also want to find a nude-tone shirt with a nice v-cut. The v-cut will help add curves to your outfit while keeping you cool in the hot summer heat.

If you plan on wearing your outfit in the morning, you could go with a long-sleeve nude shirt rather than a long shirt-sleeved one. The long sleeve look can be a nice break from the tank top and t-shirt approach that many people have in the summer.

Next, you also need 4 beautiful gold bracelets. You can use bengal-style bracelets or whatever style suits your needs.

The main goal here is to have a hearty blast of gold in your outfit. The gold will help tie together your Nike shoes when you pair them. Make sure that you choose your women’s athletic shoes with a bit of gold in them; otherwise, the outfit isn’t going to work.

If you plan on listening to the music, accessories even further by choosing a gray pair of headphones. You can match the gray headphones and phone case to your gray jogging pants. They’ll blend in perfectly with a bit of gray and your gold Nike shoes, and you could even pair them with a gold purse!

An Outfit for Every Season

One of the best things about wearing Nike athleisure wear is that it works for any season. You can wear oversized hoodies and bright crop t-shirts with your sneakers any time of the year.

Need a little more inspiration? Here are some of our favorite pieces of women’s clothing to pair with your Nikes:

  • High-rise shorts
  • Nike Blazer women
  • Medium support nonpadded sports bras
  • High-waisted leggings
  • Women’s woven jacket
  • Women’s running shorts
  • Women’s crop t-shirts
  • Oversized fleece sweatshirt
  • Printed running leggings
  • Boxy t-shirts

Looking at the list of clothing above, start thinking of ways you put different pieces together. Be creative as you find the perfect style to complete your look.

For some, it’s all about creating balance. A pair of perfectly printed high-waisted leggings with a plain colored oversized hoodie can create a unique style.

However, if you’re looking for something more uniform, consider wearing a comfortable pair of green fleece pants, a green tank top, and a white pair of trainers. Did you want your outfit to have a pop of color? Throw on a woman’s running singlet and accompany the outfit with your most colorful pair of Nikes.

Finally, all you’ll need for a traditional athletic look is a few pairs of bike shorts. You can get solid black bike shorts and pair them with whatever pair of Nikes you prefer. By switching up the shirt colors; you’ll be able to keep your athleisure wear fun and fresh.

Styling Women’s Nike Shoes

You can create so many outfits with women’s Nike shoes. Whether you want to dress up in the spring or start putting together winter apparel, you have all the choices.

Use the tips from this article to start getting some inspiration for your everyday outfits. Don’t be afraid to switch things up with the color palettes; fashion is all about exploration.

Since you already have an exploring spirit, we’d love to help you a little more. Just take a look at another one of our articles for more advice.

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