Posted on March 31, 2022 at 3:28 pm

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Saaksha & Kinni announces the launch of its Menswear line

In the Spring-Summer of 2022, Saaksha and Kinni bring a playful collection of menswear, drapes and acid-washed denim fabrics inspired by the rhombus. This geometrical shape that plays with angles and sides holds cultural significance in Gujarati craft heritage, where the rhombus motif is seen in paintings, prints and motifs. In Saaksha and Kinni’s ‘Quad’, the rhombus features clothing that brings art and pleasure to relaxed luxury, with a delicious morsel of craft heritage in exuberant resort wear.
Saaksha & Kinni announces the launch of its Menswear line

This collection elevates intricate Gujarati and Rajasthani mirror and thread handwork including patchwork diamonds on denim and signature micro pleated handwork. Alternating between prints and patchwork motifs, the diamond/rhombus shapes come alive in rich pinks, greys and greens on feminine chiffons and satin fabrics. Focusing on resort wear the collection features dresses, sari dresses and skirts apt for that celebratory cocktail evening or destination wedding. The designers have introduced a flourish of frills and drapery on new silhouettes like bodysuits, dresses with sleeves and variations in trousers.

The collection also introduces the label’s first menswear offering that features shirts, trousers and jackets complementing the women’s wear with a sense of relaxed luxury. Saaksha Bhat of Saaksha & Kinni says,

“We’ve always played with gender in silhouette and a menswear collection fits right into the rhombus’ natural properties of breaking away from right angle rules. Menswear is always designed as being so stern, that it was a joy to put together this curation of shirts, trousers and jackets for men that break the rules a little bit”.

‘Quad’ is filled with Saaksha and Kinni’s flirtation of masculinity and femininity, incorporating both into one collection. In this collection, the frills and denim fabrics lend a masculine power to the garments that are offset by feminine chiffons and cotton silks.

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