Posted on February 28, 2022 at 10:07 am

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Quirky Tales: Women’s Luxury Fashion Label

Launched earlier last year, the Quirky Tales collection comprises quirky, eclectic, and exquisitely crafted handbags, minaudieres, and clutches with a fresh take on conscious consumption. . They aim to design and craft handbags that are cruelty-free where no animal leathers are used. The brand works with the best artisans in hand embroidery and crafting luxury bag silhouettes to provide timeless beauty with the best quality.

SS 2022 Collection

An important accessory that can make or break your outfit is the bag you choose. While one cant reinstates the importance of an It bag in your wardrobe, if you still haven’t invested in one, make sure you pick an option in a color that’s far from understated, case in point their SS 2022 collection. Quirky Tales went big on embellished, sequin-smothered bag styles for the myriad partygoers making up for lost time this winter.

The Styles

Check out these different styles in the various collections from Quirky Tales.

Avaरण Collection –  the drape, its myriad forms, and contours form such an essential part of the human journey from times immemorial. Titillating the senses with an opulent display of vivid imagery our latest offering of ensembles showcases immaculate craftsmanship and sartorial excellence.

Bridal Collection – Crafted with the utmost care, our bridal collection carries with it a resplendent aura, to imbibe, the purest of emotions and euphoria the moment you walk through the door.

Ūśas Collection – Ūśas an ode to the goddess of Dawn, the harbinger of light and hope, heralding the triumph of the indomitable human spirit overall darkness and despair. From the pastel hues of daybreak to the vibrant glow of mid morn our collection symbolizes the resurgence of light


Quirky tales are the epitome of luxury with conscious choices. They supply vegan and cruelty-free handbags from the start of the pandemic. Furthermore, Quirky Tales prides itself in being a modern luxury business where fashion can be both chic and eco-friendly.

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