Posted on February 26, 2022 at 6:02 pm

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Men Footwear Collection to Checkout This Summer

The summer season is approaching, and all of us are looking for the best summer footwear you can buy. It’s that time of the season when shoe-lovers need to revamp their footwear collection.  Thinking about what to wear when the mercury rises without sticking to the dreaded socks and sandal combo? Well, to make it easier, we have rounded up the best summer footwear essentials that you cannot miss.


Leather Chappal for Men

Are you looking for a simple and breathable slipper? Then, you are at the right place. One of the signature footwear that can never go out of style is the quintessential leather chappal for men. It is made of nice quality and solid leather with a minimalistic design that can be worn every day in the office or even if you are running errands. So, if you want to feel at ease, then get your hands on the leather slippers for men. 


Flip Flops

Flip flops are a must-have in the summers. Whether you are working for long hours, running errands, chilling on a beach, a pair of comfortable flip flops is all you need. Pick a pair of trendy rubber flip flops, and you’re good to go! Opt for bright coloured flip flops this summer. There are several types of flip flops available; let’s dig deeper to know about the same.


Types of Flip Flops


  • Slide Flip Flops

The open-toed and backless slide flip flops are perfect to beat the heat. So if you are heading to a market for a grocery run or walking on the beach, these flip flops are your go-to thing. It is a timeless wardrobe essential that gives grip and comfort. 

  • Thong Flip Flops

The thong flip flops are ideal for the upcoming holiday season. With the correct pair of thong flip flops, you can oomph up your outfit and give it a stylish yet traditional look. They are available in varied sizes and costs, allowing you to do what suits your needs the best. Pick a neon colour thong flip flops and team it up with any outfit, and voila, you are ready!


  • Massage Flip Flops

A traditional massage flip flop features bubbles in the footbeds for a pleasant massage and spa-like feeling. They are ideal pairs to carry if you are vacationing due to their lightweight nature. In addition, the massage flip flops are made with sustainable material to give you unmatched support and comfort. So what are you waiting for? Get your feet treated with a massage with every step you walk.


  • Toe Covered Flip Flops

It has been the most trending footwear option among men. The toe covered flip fops give comfort and at the same time provide protection to your feet. There are times when your feet aren’t as clean; then, these flips come to the rescue. Get your hands on to the classic toe covered flip flops and pair them up with jeans or even joggers on any day. 



Team up your bright coloured slides with any outfit. These can be worn at beaches, dog walks, or even if you’re going for a picnic. One of the most comfortable summer footwear available is the slides. It can also be called a sporty footwear alternative for men. If you still don’t own a pair of slides, then it’s the right time. 



Ideal footwear that can be easily taken on and off is a slipper. It is effortless must-have footwear that keeps your feet clean, warm, and cozy. It is an ideal pair that can be worn indoors or while you’re out for grocery runs. There are many kinds of men and women slippers available, like open-heel slippers, sandal slippers, evening slippers, and more. Make sure you pick the slipper based on your needs.



Heading with your friends and wondering which footwear to wear? You have come to the right place. Level up your summer wardrobe with a pair of sandals. Sandals have never gone out of style. You can pair them with pants, jeans, and even shorts. Be it a casual dinner with friends or a brunch date with your girlfriend, you can never go wrong with sandals. They are solely designed to keep you relaxed. If you want to look stylish and at the same time don’t want to compromise on comfort, then sandals are meant for you!



It’s time to say goodbye to your mainstream wardrobe and invest in these classic pairs. Now, you must have an idea of the different types of best summer footwear available for men. So, without further ado, go ahead and shop now to get your hands on amazing and durable summer footwear for men. 

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