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Find the Right Glasses for Your Needs

If you have been struggling with less-than-perfect vision, you need to get eyewear that will suit your needs. Eye problems can either be impaired vision of objects that are close or far away. NEar or far-sightedness are common issues that are usually fixed using prescription glasses.


Some people experience difficulty in reading text as they age, requiring them to use reading glasses. You could be among those who are sensitive to sunlight or the light emitted by the screens of computers, TVs and mobile gadgets.

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Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

The type of visual challenge you’re facing will determine which kind of glasses will be right for you.


Blue Light Glasses


Do you work a desk job that puts you in front of a computer screen for hours? You should protect your eyes from the harmful blue light it produces. This high-energy light is comparable to the UV rays of the sun.


Keeping your eyes exposed to blue light into the night can jeopardize your sleep cycle. On perceiving this light, your brain signals to your body that it needs to be alert when it should be gearing down. Besides increasing your chances of getting a quality snooze at night, blue light glasses reduce eyestrain and the associated headaches.


Depending on your needs and budget, you can get blue light glasses that offer something a little extra. There are those that offer both blue light and UV-ray protection, making them ideal for driving on sunny days.


Sports Glasses


Whether you’re a professional hockey player or a snowboarding enthusiast, sports glasses can be a handy way to protect your eyes from any potential eye injury. Thousands of Americans suffer from preventable eye injuries every year because they don’t take the trouble to protect their eyes. Sports glasses are made from impact-resistant materials that will reduce the risk of your eyes getting poked or being injured by flying balls.


If you normally use glasses that correct your vision, going into the field or court without your glasses can greatly affect your performance. You may not be able to react to situations in good time. In professional sports where the margins between victory and defeat are measured in millimeters and milliseconds, failing to address your eye condition can prove costly.


Getting a prescription for sports glasses should be high on your priority list if you fall into this category. They will ensure you’re able to compete at the highest level without being disadvantaged by your sight. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, your sports glasses will prove indispensable in keeping dust and other particles blown by the wind from your eyes.


Sports glasses are designed to fit snugly around your head so that they stay in place throughout all the quick, sudden movements and physical contact that your chosen sport may entail.




A natural part of aging is the deterioration of vision. This is why your parents or grandparents reach for their reading glasses whenever they want to read a text message on their phone. As we grow older, our eyes become less mobile, hence their inability to focus on smaller items easily.


If you notice that words on a page seem blurry when you’re reading until you hold the book at a distance, it may be a sign that you need a pair of readers. You can easily get readers at your neighborhood drug store and they are mostly inexpensive. However, you need to be careful to choose reading glasses with the right power.


Reading glasses are also available with a variety of frames and in a selection of styles to match your personal taste.


Single Vision


If you have been struggling for some time to perceive objects that are far or close to your face, you might need prescription glasses with corrective single vision lenses. When you visit your ophthalmologist and they diagnose you with nearsightedness or farsightedness, they are likely to prescribe you a pair of single vision glasses.


If you have multiple vision problems, they will recommend bifocal or trifocal glasses or progressive lenses. However, more often than not you will end up with a pair of single vision glasses as they are the cheapest and most commonly used kind of corrective lenses.


What’s Up Doc?


Getting the right kind of glasses for your needs should start with a visit to an eye specialist. After conducting a thorough examination of your visual capacity, they will issue a prescription that adequately addresses your needs. Whether you feel you need to see better when reading or protection against blue light, they will recommend effective glasses.





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