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Troy Anthony, Local Designer Shines at Paris Fashion Week

Local Designer Shines at Paris Fashion Week

           Single Father who uses fashion as his voice becomes a beacon of inspiration

Troy Anthony, owner of Troy Anthony Fashion recently debuts his “Angelic” collection at Paris Fashion Week. He was amongst some of the industry’s most notable designers. A native of Hartford, CT Anthony has been designing beautiful clothes, helping clients tailor their favorite pieces, and offering supportive fashion wear to Hartford and beyond for over 15 years. A stutter since birth, Troy uses this creative form of expression as his way of connecting with his peers.

Tangerine gown
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Troy in His Own Words

“As a child, I had difficulty getting the words out – it was extremely difficult to connect with my peers,” offers Troy Anthony. “I went through so many challenges as a youngster and found my true voice when I started designing pieces that reminded me of my grandmother. Here I was able to make others feel beautiful while I communicated through my fashion lens.”

troy anthony paris 2021troy anthony paris 2021

Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion show is not Troy’s first big exhibit, he has been to TWO New York Fashion Week events and has even designed pieces for many Hartford shows. What sets Troy apart is his willingness to help women who often struggle with body image. Designing pieces that allow women to shine is a passion of his.

“Women go through so many changes throughout their lives. I remember my female family members throwing on slips to “hide” some of their perceived imperfections. Many of them also struggled with finding pieces that fit their curvy figures. This is when I realized that I could offer them something – they have always been there for me during my own difficult times,” Troy Anthony shared.

At his Paris Fashion Week Debut, Troy focused on showcasing his signature fashion style: “Bold yet sophisticated, mature with the subtlety of sexiness. From the draping to the bias cuts and various textures used in our collections it often pairs these traits with classic. Additionally, I strive to solve common fashion issues my clients often face:

My use of color empowers our clients through our designs while elevating their sense of style.”

To visit Troy Anthony, you can make an appointment through his website, which is going through its own fashion update at:

Timeless Slimming Shawl Dress
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