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Day Two Vancouver Fashion Week Stuns the Runway



Vancouver Fashion Week Spring Summer 2022 continues with more show-stopping collections from international designers. Day two features brands from across Canada, the USA, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, and India. Tika the Iggy made another guest appearance, sporting a ruffled purple and blue number.


Kaka The Label

First off is the Vancouver-based brand Kaka the Label. The brand kicks off day two showcasing a collaborative collection between fashion designer Angelina Wu and graphic artist Vivan Zhan. Entitled “Everlasting Play”, their garments celebrate the Beijing Opera while questioning the looks of modern Chinese culture. This stunning avant-garde collection includes a lot of layering. Also, the collection consists of cream, white, and grey shades. Surprisingly, the final look uses fans, which are Chinese cultural motifs. Evidently, the fall look includes a giant fan attachment on the model’s back.


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Maison du Mardi

Maison du Mardi celebrates Canadian culture with this fun debut collection. The collection is entitled “Canadiana”. Designer Samantha Reinhart develops this line shortly after graduating from Olds College in Calgary, Alberta. From the colour palette to the prints, everything is specially selected to highlight a part of Canadian life. The white represents snow, the gold is for the prairies, and the black is for the night sky. The “C’est la Vie” print on one of the jackets was designed by Reinhart herself.


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Jordan Kendrick

Next off, American label Jordan Kendrick returns to the VFW runway. Jordan showcases a luxurious casual collection for the woman on the go. The brand creates garments made to order, allowing for each piece to have a personalised touch. The inspiration behind this classy line is the designer’s experience playing with Barbies in the 80s. Moreover, the collection features lots of flowy silks in bright emerald green and fuchsia. Also, Jordan Kendrick focuses on sustainability. Her garments are made out of excess designer fabrics like Chanel tweed.


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Helga Raspa

Helga Raspa is an eponymous brand created by a recent Fashion Design at Istituto Italiano Design graduate. Her collection, “Ressur-Action” was created during the pandemic. The inspiration behind the collection is the strong and transformative characteristics of fire. Some fabrics she uses burn first. While some garments were singed on the bottom. Fabrics like Italian taffeta, poplin, organza, and chiffon in shades of red, black, and white were utilized. All in all, this beautiful collection features lots of hand-knitted sweaters, jackets, and bags. Custom-blended knit is the fabric that makes the collection.

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Tamar Kate

To continue forth, Vancouver-based brand Tamar Kate presents a sustainable eco-friendly collection. Also, it celebrates West Coast living. Designer Tamar Kate is conscious of her environmental impact. She uses leftover samples making the fabric and the washing tags are biodegradable. Furthermore, her shipping tags come from corn and the patches are sustainable as well. The inspiration for this line is ‘90s utilitarian style and features lots of relaxed garments in earth tones. Bumblebee and butterfly patches is a common motif. The bottoms of dress and crossbody bags have these motifs.


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Sugar Coats

Sugar Coats follows and shows a collection of stylish outerwear. This Winnipeg-based brand was created by designer, Debbie Hall. Featuring many different cuts, colours, and prints, this line offers a diverse line of coats. Models strut down the runway in black lace masquerade masks. Which highlights the lace detailing on some of the pieces. Most of her outfits come in black and white. But one can also see pops of a pink floral pattern, gold lace, and bright, bold yellow lining.

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Julianne Daisy

Seoul and Los Angeles-based brand Julianne Daisy presents a sweet and feminine collection. This fit is ideal for a romantic picnic or elegant night out. Garments come in mostly blush and cream tones, and many different floral fabrics. Additionally, a darling pink and tan gingham print were used to create a skirt suit set. Some dresses have puff sleeves and big lace collars while others feature ruching details. Accompanying the look, the models have matching handbags and neutral colour footwear.


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Elegant Curiosities

Elegant Curiosities showcases a seductive and elegant collection, using only black fabrics with gold accents. In 2013, Laila Verseput creates this Netherlands-based label. The models have luxurious detailing, which comprises 4 Karat hand-gild and silver-plated details. Additionally, there are gemstones, freshwater pearls, sterling silver and 14 Karat gold. One look features a female in a large hat and black bodycon dress. She is strutting beside a male model wearing a delicate gold leash and muzzle-style mask.

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ANK by Amrit

Last but not the least, Amrit Kaur found the Indian label ANK by Amrit in 2016. Her garments have a gracefully loose fit that stunningly flows while models walk down the runway. The garments consist of patterned fabrics. Also, many of these feature tie detailing around the waist. The collection comes in shades of gold, rust, and black. The final look includes a model wearing a mustard yellow ruched top, paired with a glittery black pantsuit. This collection is trendy and vacation-ready.


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About Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW)

Since its conception in 2001, Vancouver Fashion Week dedicates cultivating the success of both established designers and award-winning emerging designers. VFW does this through its global perspective and highly multicultural approach.  Furthermore, it believes in championing diversity as its greatest strength. Vancouver Fashion Week has grown to be the second-largest fashion week in North America and continues to grow today as the fastest growing fashion week in the world. The team at VFW continues to provide its designers not only with a platform for their craft but also with ongoing opportunities for commerce and growth.


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