Posted on September 6, 2021 at 8:30 am

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Myaraa by Namrata Lodha x Kate Stoltz – Fun and Vibrant!

New to summer fashion comes this limited-edition collaboration between Myaraa by Namrata Lodha and model Kate Stoltz. Not only is it a fun ode to the yesteryears, but it paves the way for a new cultural paradigm. Essentially, a collective initiative to showcase their heritage through a global lens. At the heart of this partnership is sustainability, highlighting artisan talent and remembering classical era styles.

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We already know that Myaraa’s personalized hats hold the reputation of being the most talked-about fashion accessory among Bollywood celebrities. Also, these stylish hats are not only sustainable but also a necessity for summer fashion fits.

Cross Culture Blend

In essence, this creative collaboration explores and champions celebrating Indian heritage with contemporary design. This Myaraa collaboration is a cross-cultural blend of sustainable products from natural fibers and prints depicting elegant happy places. Some of the fun, vibrant depictions include quiet Montauk dunes in the summer, fragrant cherry blossoms in Central Park in the spring, and well-dressed Parisian sidewalk cafes in early September.

Designer Namrata Lodha can’t hide her excitement about the latest collaboration:

“I am extremely thrilled to be announcing this collaboration as it’s a great interpretation of style and fit. These beautiful scarves add a contemporary touch to our hats and bring out the best of both worlds. Through this collection, our artisans had a great opportunity to showcase their skills internationally.”

Myaraa X Namrata Lodha

Additionally, Kate Stoltz shares her experience and expectations working with Myaraa:

“It’s so important in collaboration to have a partner that’s willing to work out details to get the styles to a point where you both feel good about each piece- I’m grateful I found that in Namrata. The collaboration served to increase my eagerness to showcase the pieces, along with my appreciation for the ability to do business with someone that’s on the other side of the world and in direct contact with artisans that specialize in these products.”

Ode to 50s & 60s

A glance at the design easily shows us that this is a homage to iconic 50s and 60s era styles. For vintage enthusiasts, it is a delight to see Brigitte Bardot’s classic pink satin ribbon contrasting the rather casual style and tones of a straw hat. A theme common in the collection is contrasting colors and stark hue combinations. For example, hues of petal pink with bold fuchsia, city grey alongside illuminating yellow, and saturated oranges and reds integrated with sky blues. The motivation behind these color choices is to take us down memory lane. However, the designs appeal to modern sensibilities and are resonating well present trends.


Both the Myaraa hat and scarf are highly versatile. You can either wear them together or separately. The scarf can be worn on the straw boater hat tied around the chin or simply tied at the back of the hat for a more conventional look. Not to mention, the ability to switch up use cases for the accessory makes it an even more must-have piece.

Myaraa Fun summer hats collaboration Myaraa Fun summer hats collaboration

Vibrant Designs

Consequently, the vibrant butterflies and hand-embroidered flowers make this a great addition to a white t-shirt and jeans, a blazer and dress or even to complete a winter look, which speaks again to the versatility of the item. Furthermore, each hat narrates the inspiration behind the designs and many of these stories come from shares life experiences. I urge you to check out Myaraa’s Instagram page where they jot down tiny anecdotes for each collection.

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All in all, Myaraa’s Namrata Lodha and Kate Stoltz collection should not be missed. It is definitely a staple piece that will pass the test of time. The tribute to classical styles is every vintage lover’s dream. Lastly, the price ranges from ₹.3999/- to ₹.4999/- and is made from completely sustainable materials. 

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