Posted on September 21, 2021 at 8:35 pm

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Anita Dongre Bridal Couture 2021 with Muse Prajakta Koli

We can’t stop raving about this season’s Anita Dongre Bridal Couture collection. First off, it stars their muse, Prajakta Koli. Yes, let’s all collective scream here.
Second off, if you think you know everything about this Mismatched star, you’re wrong. In a sit-down with Prajakta, Anita Dongre asks her 15-questions, which is shown here. One can’t stop but notice how charming this young lady is. Other than that, she is relatable, laugh out loud funny and someone that really knows herself. Therefore, we can totally see why she is the perfect Anita Dongre muse for the Bridal collection.
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In addition to Prajakta Koli, Anita Dongre’s Bridal Couture 2021 raises a toast to all the Anita Dongre brides.

All Things Brides Are

Without a doubt, Anita Dongre is a master of capturing bridal emotion and desires. For example, here’s a great little poem on how the label describes their brides:
The bride who is first on the floor.
The bride who laughs the loudest.
The bride who pours the shots.
The bride who dances her way to the altar.
The bride who has mixed emotions,
and the strength of her conviction.
The bride who is in charge, and knows what she wants.
Anita Dongre Bridal Couture 2021

What a Bride Wants

Moreover, the Anita Dongre Bride is a woman who knows herself. And she wants her trousseau to be light as air.
Certainly, she wants to be able to rewear a blouse, a dupatta, or a saree again and again.
But most importantly, she needs pockets! Yes, even in her bridal lehenga. Likewise, she owns who she is, and tells her story with pride.
We love this bride, who remains our eternal muse. Therefore, we created our wedding couture with this bride in our hearts.
Anita Dongre Bridal Couture 2021
In essence, Prajakta represents all the same qualities in an Anita Dongre bride. And we see the same spark. All in all, she is someone that is self-made, intelligent, joyful, courageous, and kind.
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Consequently, she knows how to have fun, and how to make sure everyone is touched by her spirit. Moreover, she is the modern Indian woman.

Elite Menswear

Subsequently, one has to mention the matching menswear and attention to detail in the sherwanis. Along with the accessories that give an ode to the yesteryears. Above all, a special mention to the exquisite styling and vision by Gautam Kalra.
Anita Dongre Bridal Couture 2021
In short, it is the ethereal combination of muted minimalism with grandiose traditional motifs.
The 2021 Bridal Couture is a feast for the eyes. Undoubtedly, Prajakta Koli is the quintessential ‘Anita Dongre Bride’ and brings out the best of the Anita Dongre Bride Couture collection.
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