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Rustic style: what you should know about it

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We each want to arrange our living space as close as possible to our desires, needs, but also to our dreams. A few decades ago, the lack of information made us limit ourselves to the primary needs – bed, table, chairs and cabinets. Now, the explosion of information makes us adopt styles that do not necessarily characterize us, but which we have always dreamed of.

So is the rustic style, which, through its decorations, reminds one of the French regions of Provence, and implicitly of the style that defines it, the Provencal (or provincial) style. 

The great French writer Marcel Proust said that “true paradises are the lost ones”, but if you ask us, paradise really exists and is called… a rustic style. This region, located in the southeast of France, has inspired a style of interior design full of color and warmth. From an architectural point of view, the Provencal style abounds mainly in rustic elements, connected to nature.

It is quite easy to fail to arrange your home in a genuine country style, be it English or French. We believe elements such as a lot of ornaments and hand decorations (on furniture, walls, and ceilings), flowers (especially geraniums and lavender), French furniture from the 1600s and 1700s (Louis furniture), intense colors – such as blue, yellow, ocher, orange, reddish-brown and green -, natural materials – such as stone, brick and iron -, carpets, fireplaces, pots, baskets, supports and old paintings make the picture full.

Comfortable and very charming, the classic rustic style is nowadays quite popular, liberated from the conservative homes of the countryside. In many ways, it is a response to the minimalist trend, so popular in the ’90s and early 2000s. People are now looking to embrace tradition and surround themselves with things that make them feel good and relax.

So, are you ready to embrace the modern rustic design? We have all the information you need to convince yourself that it is a style that is worth every effort.

Decoration rules

As the rustic houses were originally decorated with everything at hand, nothing should be too delicate, classy and elegant. The elements should be durable, while also retaining a sought-after refinement. Additionally, a house decorated in this style usually has a wooden terrace, with a swing and flowers placed in atypical pots – barrels, garnishes or large, slightly chipped cups turned into vases.Add some real vintage pieces and you’ll instantly create an authentic rustic design. 

Probably, the most important thing to remember when setting up such a style is not to rush. The charm and character of this type of arrangement cannot be bought in one day! Do not acquire stuff just for the sake of doing it. Wander through outlet shops, examine and collect. Decorate your space with things that make sense.

In terms of how to (re)decorate, planning is essential. Before you begin, take some time to consider details such as room space, lighting, furniture arrangement, as well as items that might or may not work for you, and changes you can decide on, to make your job easier. 

Furniture pieces

The furniture specific to this style is made of wood or combined with wrought iron. The tables are large, wooden, surrounded by simple chairs or benches, also made of wood. In general, the furniture is large, welcoming and relaxing. Armchairs, sofas and beds are usually covered with all kinds of natural pillows and fabrics, such as linen. The most used colors are white, gray, cream, sand and gray blue.

For storage, choose simple cabinets with many open spaces, dowry boxes or shelves. Open shelves go hand in hand with accessorizing and using different types of decor. Recycled or reconditioned objects are also highly valued. Styles and materials can be mixed – this is part of the charm of the style, which should not look too calculated. To find gorgeous pieces in this style you can go to homeydesignstore.

Dining area

Rustic-style kitchens usually showcase white cabinets and large cast-iron sinks. Here, you’ll find shelves, lined with spices in all sorts of jars, cutlery in recycled cups, towels and aprons hanging in plain sight and the indispensable bouquets of lavender.

Specific to the style are the walls covered with white painted wood and the wooden beams. For example, an old table and shaker-style cabinets combine beautifully with stainless steel appliances and modern lighting fixtures in a rustic kitchen. 

Colors and materials

Start with a palette of warm or cold neutral colors (cream, beige, yellow, green, sage and gray), and continue with some natural wood tones. Look for wood parts with some wear, if possible. Scratches, knots and holes add authenticity to the look. Feel free to use your favorite colors as accent pieces, but to keep the look genuine, try to hold onto a neutral color scheme (or one made up of light colors).

Be sure to use a variety of textures to give a certain depth to the space. Combine wood with metal, materials such as cotton, canvas, wool or anything else you want. Since the classic rustic style is largely made up of neutral colors, you will need a mix of textures to relieve the space of the flat look. 

Use organic materials to keep the feeling of the interior permanently connected to nature. Wooden floors and architectural details are the most important, but consider the use of stone, wicker, rattan, sisal and other materials.

Accessories and finishes

They are another important element, but in no case should you overdo it by trying to decorate too much. A few well-placed accessories that allow to breathe are all you need to complete the look. Put practicality and functionality first. In the design of a rustic space, the finishes you choose will also play an extremely important role.

The rustic style is simple and sensible, more sober than shabby-chic, but more delicate than the farmhouse style. If you want it to be a setting available to your own home, you do not have to wait until you buy a house. With the help of a few specific elements, you can transform your entire apartment into a rustic home. 

The key to taking full advantage of modern ideas of this style is to keep it natural and not overdo it with the decorations.

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