Posted on January 7, 2021 at 1:51 am

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4 Fashion Industry Crimes About Which You Should Know

If you are an aspiring model, you know that it can be a cutthroat industry. You might be physically attractive, but so are the other twenty models, all trying to get a single job. You may sometimes feel like you don’t have the “it factor” for which designers look.

If you are persistent, you should find success. However, there are a few specific things for which you should watch out, regardless of whether you’ve reached modeling’s upper echelons or whether you’re still trying to book your first runway show.

Crime exists in the fashion world, just as it does everywhere else. Below, you’ll find some crimes for which you should be on the lookout as you try to make it to the top.


According to the Los Angeles penal code, if someone steals your property that’s worth less than $950, that’s petty theft. If your property is worth more, the police consider it to be grand theft.

If you go to a photoshoot or a runway show, you might bring along:

  • Your purse
  • Your smartphone

If your purse has money in it, and you have more than $950 in there, if someone steals it, that’s grand theft. There’s probably no reason you’d have that much money with you, but even if you have less than that, the purse itself might be worth more than $950.

If you have the latest iPhone, and someone steals it, the police will likely consider that grand theft since those phones can cost you as much as $1,200-1,300. Regardless of whether the cops believe what happened to be petty or grand theft, though, you need to watch your possessions during photo shoots or runway shows.

You should ask whether there’s a locker in which you can put your valuables. It should have a padlock to which you keep the key. If you have a manager or an assistant, you could also give your valuables to them to hold. Just make sure you do not leave them unattended.

4 Fashion Industry Crimes About Which You Should Know
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Sexual Assault or Rape

It’s tragic to think that sexual assault or rape could occur in the fashion industry, and yet it does. The perpetrator might be:

  • A fashion designer
  • A makeup person

If you’re in a busy runway show or photoshoot, you can’t possibly know everyone who’s attending. You might find yourself backstage with someone you don’t know, and they might try to grope you or even take things further.

You should make sure you have someone you trust close by at all times. It could be an assistant, a manager, or even a bodyguard.

You would hope that every event you work has excellent security measures, so something like this will never happen. To make sure that it doesn’t, though, try to only work with companies and individuals you trust and have someone watching out for you who’s never too far away.


You would also hope that your manager will take great care of you. They will take their cut of your earnings, but only the amount to which you agreed.

However, there are always greedy managers in any industry, and the fashion world is no exception. Whether you just met your manager or you’ve used them for years, keep an eye on your finances.

If something doesn’t seem right, ask them about it. If you don’t like their explanation, bring in an independent investigator or arbitrator. If you find that your manager or someone else on your team is ripping you off, you can certainly part ways with them and even press criminal charges.

Drug Use

Drug use is also rampant in the fashion industry. It’s part of the pressure to stay perky, and also, in many cases, to keep your weight down.

The fashion industry is trying to cut down on body shaming, but it still exists. Because of that, many models do use cocaine, speed, and other drugs to stay trim or even dangerously thin.

You need to stay away from substances. They can seriously harm you, but they’re also illegal. If the cops bust you with them, you could face jail time, and that’s going to hurt your career. You may need to spend some time in rehab as well.

The fashion industry can be incredible if you make it to the top. You’ll have money and international fame. Just remember there are activities and individuals you want to avoid since getting involved with them can jeopardize your career and derail your life.  

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