Posted on December 3, 2020 at 3:09 am

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7 Fashion Ideas to Express Yourself and be a Style Leader

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Some people follow styles while others lead. If you’re looking for ways to be a leader rather than a follower, look no further. These bright ideas and strategies will get you started. Earn you a reputation for thinking outside the box when it comes to style and fashion. Are you ready to take on the world and maybe even create your own fashion following? It could even become the basis for a new business or, better yet, a means of earning passive income.

1. Same But Different

Some style cliches are hard to escape. Wearing an evening dress for a picnic, for example, will make you a laughing stock. Jeans and a T-shirt are a safe bet, but you will need a little creativity to turn them into a style statement. Try distressing or decorating your jeans and pair them up with something different – a custom T-Shirt could be just the thing. 

There’s no shortage of companies to make the tee you want to wear – and since your statement tee should make a big impression, you could even use yourself as a walking billboard for your own business. The best T-Shirt printing in Singapore demonstrates what you should be looking for: reasonable rates and fast turnaround are just part of the package.

2. Accessorize It

Accessories, when well-chosen, will make you stand out from the crowd, even when you’re wearing something rather ordinary. Choose statement pieces that completely change up the look: chunky jewelry, artistic scarves, and of course, statement shoes and bags can quickly change an ordinary outfit into something that says “style leader” at first glance. 

Choose a few items that not just anyone will have rather than having a vast selection of accessories that don’t say a lot about you and your style. As a style leader, you’re also an attention seeker – that’s not a bad thing. You can’t lead if you aren’t noticed.

3. Color it Up

If you’re thinking that basic black always looks good, you’re right – but it will hardly make you stand out from the crowd. Get out there with bright, look-at-me colors that absolutely don’t blend into the background. Visual excitement comes in many forms, and neutrals just won’t cut it in that sense. Do a few experiments to see which bright shades suit you best. You’re aiming for colors that enhance your appearance rather than overwhelming it. If your complexion allows you to carry off bright oranges and yellows, you’re in luck! These colors can’t be worn by just anyone and they probably won’t be either!

4. Contrast It and be Anti-Fashion

Every season has its fashion colors.  “Followers” will be wearing those shades because someone told them they’re in fashion this year and because the shops will be carrying those shades. So, if red is in fashion this winter, why not wear white? If this summer is all pink and blue, go to the opposite end of the color wheel in your choices. 

A slightly more risky strategy that you can carry off if you have the confidence, is to really buck the system by doing the exact opposite of what everyone thinks is fashionable. If straight hair is in style, go for curly. If long hair is all the rage, get a haircut. If hemlines are short, choose a fabulous maxi dress . If you can look great being totally out of fashion, there will be plenty of people who lack your confidence but find it inspiring.

5. Match it But Take it to the Max

Taking fashion trends to the max – almost parodying them – can be hugely effective. People instantly recognize the style, and they envy the guts that made you take it so far that it’s almost over-the-top. They can see you’re in tune with the latest fashions, but few would dare to take it to the max in the same way that you do. 

Sounds risky? Of course it is! Being a style leader is about taking risks – and if you play your cards right, there’ll be three people giving you the thumbs up for every one that gives you the thumbs down. The point is that you’re not getting neutral reactions – or a yawn.

6. Go Public

As a style leader, your immediate circle may not be enough to get the following you need to make that big impression. Social media is the go-to route towards going viral. Building your following organically can be a slow process, but the best way to do it remains interaction with fellow-users. “Like” and “share” will be the best route towards expanding your audience. 

You can also look at paid promotion offers to fast-track your route towards internet stardom and build your audience. Whatever your approach, be sure to use high-quality images, and give yourself a public personality by including a few lines of text. 

Having a blog is also a great idea, and in the fullness of time, your niche can become a money-spinner. You don’t even need to sell fashion items to earn. Advertising revenue and affiliate relationships with your favorite brands can earn passive income. You get all the kudos of being a style icon, plus income you don’t have to do extra work for.  If you make the big time, brands will be offering you freebies and discounts in exchange for promotion and reviews. Now that’s a winning recipe!

7. Be “Out There” – But Remember That Tall Trees Catch the Most Wind

Whatever your approach is to being a style leader, it will have both fans and critics. Neither will be lukewarm. You’ll draw both compliments and criticisms, but at least you won’t be just one more face in the crowd.

 If one negative comment is going to leave you feeling devastated, play it safe with subtle extras rather than going all out to do something different. Choose what suits you rather than what’s in fashion and go for a classic approach. Those brave enough to make bold statements, and take accolades along with disparaging comments, are ready to be true style leaders, setting fashions rather than following them. 


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