Posted on June 17, 2020 at 2:38 am

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Meet the Founders who are dominating the fashion industry with The Closet Fix

We had a conversation with Smruti Dhanuka and Aditi Podar from The Closet Fix. Here’s what they had to say.

1) Tell us your story. How did your career get started?

Smruti Dhanuka: I started my career with a diploma in Textile Design from Sophia Polytechnic. I further honed my skills and got a degree in Fashion Design from the London College of Fashion. Over the last 15 years I have worked as an Apparel Designer with exporters of fashion and jewelry, also with local Indian Brands.

Aditi Podar:   I’m a Chartered Accountant, and had my own practice for a few years. However, it wasn’t very fulfilling an experience for me. That’s when I realized that it’s time for me to follow my passion-entrepreneurship! To create a service that I would have been thankful if I had gotten it for myself. I’m also an energy practitioner– mastering modalities of Tarot, Chakra Healing.

The Closet Fix

2) How did you come up with the inspiration or idea for The Closet Fix?

Smruti Dhanuka: During my last stint as the Head Designer for a brand I was juggling between work , home and my child. After coming home I would often have to step out to meet friends or socialize , but I would avoid it as I would not have the time or energy to put my looks together. That’s when I was convinced that this is a service that people in a similar situation would need .

Aditi Podar: While growing up, I suffered from major body image issues and was always confused about dressing up, so tried to create a Tom-boyish image of myself ( this was run away from the daily stress of putting together looks, as I had no clue what would flatter me).

When I look back, I feel that on a day to day level, a lot of women, young girls will benefit from our services, as the vision behind it is to empower them and help them own up to their stylish self without any effort. Sometimes all we need is a sounding board to be able to go a little out of our comfort zone, and we aim to be that, for them. Also I used to  spend a huge amount  on my clothing, but was never satisfied by how I turned out! Now I spend less, buy quality and still manage to look my absolute best!

The Closet Fix

3) What is your favorite part about your product and brand ? 

Smruti Dhanuka: I love having my looks on my phone as it is extremely handy to have it. All I need to do is to flip through the looks and pick out what I want to wear for any and every occasion

Aditi Podar: To me it’s about how we make everyday style convenient, easy and up to full potential for women with The Closet Fix. It’s about being able to show the customer how by taking on this service you can be mindful, sustainable and stylish so easily. Imagine the amount of time you end up saving in a year, which can then be used towards aspects of your life that you enjoy doing more.

4) What do you hope consumers will get out of The Closet Fix experience ?

Smruti Dhanuka: We are hoping to provide the customers with a complete wardrobe management system. What to wear, how to wear and what to buy!

Aditi Podar: Maximum value, no mental hassle and a style friend all the way. A sounding board for all their style woes.

The Closet Fix

5) Why do you believe this is a revolutionary product for the fashion industry ?

Smruti Dhanuka: We are the only brand providing an online wardrobe to clients, where they can access every piece of fashion & jewelry on their phone. We give them answers to everything from what to buy, how to wear and what to buy.

Aditi Podar: It’s a service which makes you look your absolute best, with minimum wastage/ spending;  precisely 10 mins of your time everyday. It’s an everyday practical solution. Imagine the ease of being able to see everything you own, find instant new combinations for every new purchase. For me this is the future of fashion.

The Closet Fix

6) What does fashion mean to you ?

Smruti Dhanuka: Fashion for me is an expression of your individuality, you can express your best and most powerful self through style.

Aditi Podar: I agree with Smruti. It should only be about self expression! And I strongly believe that everyone has the right to be stylish irrespective of their color, body, status.

7) What advice do you have to emerging entrepreneurs or fashion admirers ?

Smruti Dhanuka: I would say that making the choice of being an entrepreneur is one hell of a roller coaster ride ! Building something concrete out of a single idea has been the single biggest highlight of my last year, and I have learned so much more than the last 15 years of work experience put together! So if you have a burning desire and even luxury of choice of being an entrepreneur you should definitely go for it!

Aditi Podar: Well, even we need advice right now as we are still emerging. But yes there has to be vision and a deeper meaning to your entrepreneurship journey. Money cannot be the only driver. Every day is different! One should take NO from a customer as a compliment.

Smruti Dhanuka: The Closet Fix is a novel product, we would urge women who have the need to try us out and we can assure them that we will not disappoint!


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