Posted on May 29, 2020 at 7:54 pm

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#Interview: Riddhima Kapoor Sahini talks Jewelry and the unique brand!

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When it comes to jewelry we all fall in love with it. As women, we wear them all the time. Who doesn’t love dressing up and looking pretty and glamour’s on a night out? We sat down with Riddhima Kapoor and talked about her brand ‘R!’ The brand is all about:  If quality can be procured at a reasonable price, it becomes a priceless procurement. In an endeavor to provide magnificently and exquisiteness at modest bargains, here’s launching the Riddhima Kapoor Sahni range of fine Jewelry. She talks about the simplicity of her designs which are very simple.

• Delicate yet forceful
• Beautiful yet dynamic
• Elegant yet convincing

The jewelry is made in 18kts gold and would have natural diamonds, natural colored diamonds and precious and semi-precious stones to enhance the beauty and value.


 What made you go into jewelry designing?

An ironic story I was never into jewelry back in the day. My mother and I used to model for a popular jewelry brand a long time and I think that brought out my passion and love for designing jewelry. Initially, I started by designing my own pieces (personal collection) through some of my jeweler friends that got me compliments
Where do you get your inspiration from when it comes to designing a set or a piece?
Everything around me is an inspiration
 You say your jewelry is the simplicity of the ultimate sophistication- can you enlighten on what that means?
Everyday jewelry which can be worn by anyone and everyone who believes in simplicity and delicate jewelry
What has been your greatest accomplishment in your career so far?
An overwhelming fantastic response
What about your weakest?
Wouldn’t say weakest but yes Trolling (then again haters will always be haters and they do inspire you to do even better) 😉

What kind of clientele could wear your jewelry?
My collection be adorned by anyone and everyone
What’s it like to see someone on the street wearing one of your creations?
Overwhelming! A high !!!
Who are some of your favorite jewelry designers?
Favorite jewelry designers
International – Harry Winston Tiffany
What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special?
A piece of jewelry that we created for Hollywood Legend Goldie Hawn. She was kind enough to wear send an image of the same and even call to tell me how much she loved it  The first time my mother ordered something for herself!
I have grown up admiring and looking into my mother and for me it was my biggest high designing a piece of jewellery for her 

Where can consumers/customers find your work and purchase them?

Through our, Instagram handle -riddhimakapoorsahniofficial

FACEBOOK -riddhima kapoor sahni

Launching soon on

Instagram will load in the frontend.

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