Posted on June 2, 2018 at 5:41 pm

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Divya Sheth Believes It Is Soulful And Mindful To Choose To Be Slow

Divya Sheth believes it is soulful and mindful to choose to be slow introduces organic living.

Divya Sheth is a studio producing pieces of wearable art with a distinct flavor of the avant-garde. Patrons would be made aware of the beauty, story, and ideology of the garments they would be investing into.

Divya Says,

We would want to continue to work extensively in an ethical and sustainable environment where the weavers, craftsmen, tailors, and patrons are in sync with the concept of the brand and are conscious of it’s benefits to them and society. In the longer run, the label envisions a once a year collection that is strongly based on a concept and remains true to it and not too cyclical trends & forecasts.

Known for beautiful hand-painted Kalamkari garments that are literally food for the skin washed in milk and painted in natural herbs, Divya Sheth strongly believes in sustainable and organic living. This reflects in her work as she uses traditional arts like ajrakh, jamdani, and bandhani all in natural dyes in close conjunction with master craftsmen of India.

Her love for natural dyes was even more refined when dabbling with the age-old art of Kalamkari. In simple words, Divya says “In today’s mindless, micro cyclic fashion scenario, it is soulful and mindful to choose to be slow. As a spiritual person, choosing fashion was a mismatch but nonetheless, where there is a will there’s a way.”

Launched in 2014, she introduces new styles every season but the silhouettes are classics, made with the finest raw material, hand painted, using only natural fibers and dyes along with hand block prints.

The brand has a strong zero waste philosophy. All the balance textiles are used in trimmings, tassels and other creative ways to incorporate the same. The pattern making process also carefully considers the minimum waste principle. Apart from using only natural dyes, on natural fabrics that are biodegradable with a minimum carbon footprint, the brand also pays close attention to create eco-friendly packaging. She also strongly believes in creating local opportunities for craftsmen and their families & villages to stop urban filtration enabling self-sustained happier families & villages, enlivening the art and craft by developing an interest in the next generation craftsmen.

Her hard work of the last few years was recently recognized when she was awarded as the ELLE Graduates – Modern Indianwear Designer of the Year 2018 as well as the Traditionalist – Grazia Young Fashion Award 2018. She was also selected in the top 20 designers for the Vogue India Fashion Fund in 2017.

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