Posted on May 11, 2018 at 1:57 am

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Chany Venturini Designs Shine At Vancouver Fashion Week

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Inspired by night lights ChanyVenturini designs shine at Vancouver Fashion Week.

Some of Chany’s earliest memories involve sitting at her mother’s knee while she took outgrown or outdated clothes, and reimagined new garments. She would meticulously rip seams, look at the fabric that was left and piece together a new dress, a new shirt, a matching bag, or new accessories. In much the same way, Chany has reimagined her life and created something new.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My mane is Maria Rossana Venturini and my nickname since I was little was “Chany”. My back ground is French/Italian/ European Spanish background born in Lima-Peru. I immigrate to the USA when I was 12 years old. I went to Miami Dade College and got a degree in Computer programming then to the Florida International University and got a degree in Management Information Systems and International business; worked in international business, software, and the stock market. Gave up my carrier to raise my children. Upon my mother’s death 7 years ago, I inherited a collection of fabrics which reminded me of the love passion and self-expression impaired by the strong women in my life, “My mother, and my two grandmothers, they love to design and sew.” So I decided to peruse this passion, earning a degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Seattle. My designs have revived invitation to Seattle, Cannes, Bellevue, Vancouver, New York LA Fashion Week, Paris and Milan Fashion Week.

What is the idea behind your fashion line?
I was inspired by the cities of Seattle and Vancouver at night… They light up and sparkle like gems.

What part of the globe can be ventured for new fashion besides Paris and New York?
I know that most of the big cities have their Fashion Week and since I live in Seattle, I want to bring fashion to my neck of, the woods. Also I know that Lima Peru has a Fashion Week but you never hear or see it; it seems that it is something local but not globally. I want to see all the talent that Peruvian Fashion Designer have to share with the world.

Do you think the past cultural traits or forms can be incorporated in new designs?

For sure, we can look at most of the styles for men and women are the based from the past cultures designs and patterns in fabric. We are incorporating dresses for men, In most of the old cultures in the world, men used to wear tunic in the ancient cultures and now men are wearing skirts and dresses. I think every designer should bring to the runway something from their cultures. I will love to bring the colors and prints of Nazca Culture of the coast of Peru; they had fancy textiles and used natural dies with a lot of Earth colors and Gold and Silver. Maybe I will do something with that in the near future. I am all for eco/sustainable Fashion Design.

Are there any particular cultural or ethnical traits you follow for your designs?
Particularly I did not notice but a lot of people said that they can see my Spanish heritage in my designs; Maybe because I like rhinestones, glitter, lace, rose, and glamour. I want to bring the glamour of the 1920’s and 30’s were men were suits and girls look fabulous like in the Hollywood Golden Era.

How was your experience in Vancouver Fashion Week?
To tell you the truth, It was my first time and I thought it was going to be different. I thought that the Gala Show was going to be a blowout with a bigger hall and lots of Fashion designers at the hall before the show showcasing their models and talking to people but it was not like that. The mingle came when the brake between designer happen. Also, someone wrote an article mentioning designer of the VFW first time showing and my name was not mention and it was my first time on an International show.

Do you think fashion industry is diverse or do they need to explore more cultures?
Well, I do think it is diverse but they can do better.

What is your next venture after Vancouver Fashion week?

My next venture after VFW FW2018 is Couture and Cars Fashion Show At the Car museum in Tacoma, Washington and FashionXT at Portland, Oregon. For 2018. I have not yet think about 2019 yet.