Posted on September 15, 2017 at 12:59 pm



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Bringing a revolution in bespoke clothing to India, BESPOCUT is a techno-commercial business enablement platform, which will change the way designers in India create bespoke clothing.

Aimed at freeing the art and craft of India’s designers and tailors, Bespocut is powered by a cloud based application, that integrates the designers front end with Bespocut’s back end and logistics in such a way that they get access to globally renowned fabrics, trims and accessories with Just In Time delivery.

Now there is no reason a designer in India cannot give the same quality of bespoke that is available in Savile Row or Hong Kong. The fabrics, linings and trims are sourced directly from the best mills in Europe and the UK, with the respective certificate of authenticity for peace of mind of the bespoke entrepreneur and their client. The virtual studio offers over 250 fabrics and a million combinations.

The QR coded swatch cards provide each bespoke entrepreneur with an instant connect to the Bespocut supply centers. With its launch in India, Bespocut aims to reach partners in the top 30 cities in the country in their first year, growing the business to 500+ style partners across the country in the first two years of operation.


to learn more about the platform and solutions or please contact

Pritish Aggarwal, +91 9968819151,

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