Posted on January 7, 2020 at 4:15 am

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Is Fling Dating For You?

We all need some loving regardless if we admit to it or not. Maybe we’re not at the level of Bonobo monkeys that resort to sexual activities at the slightest implication of stress. Seriously, if you look them up, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about them. Like how their intimate communities almost never have to deal with aggression or conflicts because as soon as they feel something negative, they immediately seek the warmth of another (I do mean that sexually). After which, they feel okay so they go back to caring and nurturing other Bonobos.

As humans, I think we come pretty close. I’m not saying that you’re also a sexually dimorphic creature with no sense of discretion when it comes to sexual activities. What I’m saying is that we all kind of want that sort of warmth too whenever we feel distressed about work, life, or any other problem that we may have. I guess the presence of another person makes us feel less alone and less lonely. In case you’re still curious about Bonobos, here’s a cute video about them:

Unfortunately, there are times that no matter how hard we try, we still can’t connect to that one person for us and so we end up trying to release all the tension somewhere else. We’ve all been there so whether you’re into fling dating or not, no judgment is necessary. We’re all just desperately trying to get by somehow.


But, what’s fling dating anyway? Or rather, what is it like to date as an adult?

The World Of Adult Dating – Minors Not Allowed

When you’re young, you often dream about a textbook romance. You think of someone who would immediately make you fall in love, make you lose your senses, and would make you want to scream “I love you” from the top of your lungs. You want to meet that soulmate; that certain someone who would set your soul on fire. Sad to say, however, fairy tales don’t happen in real life. It’s a tough world out there and being a hopeless romantic isn’t going to get you anywhere, especially in this age of speed dating. Here’s how you can tell if you are one.

Now that you’re an adult, you begin to realize a lot of things. Like how soulmates do not just swing on your doorstep to say hi or how love isn’t always as colorful and rainbow-like as movies depict it to be. In real life, finding true love is like finding a needle in a haystack. After all, you never know what people’s real intentions are these days. You can be falling in love all of a sudden and the next thing you know, the other person leaves you for dead.

I can understand if you’ve come to mistrust the idea of being in a committed relationship. You may have been hurt before and you may be scared to be hurt again. Nobody can blame you for your feelings. It’s something you have the right to feel. And if you think you’re not quite ready to dive into a full-blown relationship, you can always just “test the waters.”

They say there are many fishes in the sea but they never tell you in which seas to look. For all you know, the goldfish you caught was actually a backbiting shark. You can’t really risk that now, can you? So about testing the waters first before you dive right in? On that note, Adult Dating Awards fling rating can help you find these places.

Fortunately, the world of adult dating isn’t as scrutinizing as young love. You can play around however you want and as long as the other person understands that what you have is not exactly what you’d say a “committed relationship,” you can play around some more. We call it fling dating. Fling as in something that will soon “pass.” A baseball swung into a home run.

Is Fling Dating For You?

Well, that’s really up to you to decide. After all, you’re the only one who knows what you’re ready for. But just to give you an idea, there are a lot of singles out there who are also looking to have a little fun – absolutely zero strings attached. You can get it on tonight and go back to your lives tomorrow. If you’re not quite ready for a real commitment but still interested to play the field, maybe fling dating really is for you. Make sure to use protection though because you’ll never know what’s out there!


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