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12 Valentine’s Day presents with deep meaning and low cost!

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Valentine’s Day is a day of both giving and receiving love from those closest to you. There are a million and one ways to express your feelings from flowers and chocolates to shiny diamonds. However these days the economy has been rough on everyone, people can’t afford the gifts they want to shower their loved ones with. Maybe, it’s not the limited funding that’s the problem but procrastination? Perhaps a lack of romantic ideas are holding you back from making plans this year?


Whether you are a last-minute planner, not the most romantic person or simply can’t afford to break the bank I’ve got a list of adorable gifts for you to give your significant other for Valentine’s Day this year!

1. Balloon notes
Head to your local drug store or stationery store to pick up a pack of small Thank You cards, if you can’t find small enough cards make them yourself. On each card thank your significant other for things that they have done throughout the time of your relationship. Then fold the cards into small squares and put them into Bargain Balloons. You can even throw in some confetti for fun! Fill up the room with balloons and have your significant other pop each one for a surprise thanks you note!

2. Memories in a jar
This one is simple, find a glass jar, just not one that used to be filled with achaar. That smell NEVER goes away, trust me. You could always buy a cheap mason jar from any drug store or arts and crafts shop. Fill up the jar with pictures and notes from memorable times in your relationship, be sure to include important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. You could even decorate the jar before you present it to your significant other.

3. Picnic at home!
All you need for this romance filled gift is a picnic basket, a giant blanket, and some snacks. A fireplace to have the picnic in front of would be a nice touch but some dim lighting and strategically placed candles will do the trick. A lovely touch would be to stick glow in the dark stars on the ceiling so you can lay down and watch the stars. Don’t forget some mood music!

4. Create your own restaurant!
This one is an easy and time old romantic gesture, cook for your partner! Set up the dining table like a restaurant complete with a hand made menu of the night’s dishes. Name the restaurant after your partner, list the appetizers, main course, and dessert, is of course, you!


5. Love at first sight!
Take your girl or guy to the spot where you first met! Whether you just started dating or have been married for years, the first place you met is always a sentimental spot. If you don’t remember where you met maybe where you had your first date or for the married couples, the location where you proposed. If possible, maybe even set up a picnic, or bring some dessert and wine to share either at the spot or someplace nearby afterwards.

6. Hand made gifts
Do you have champagne glasses at home? Are they just collecting dust in the cupboard? Gift them! Wash off that dust and take those glasses to the arts and crafts store to pick up paint, glitter, etc. Decorate the glasses with your initials and a special date whether it is the time you met or an anniversary. You could keep the glasses in an easily visible spot throughout the year to be a reminder of your love.

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7. Be a helping hand.
Does your partner usually do certain chores around the house? Be a helping hand and do his/her chores for the day. A little help truly goes a long way. Give your partner the day off and get their work done for them.

8. Home movie theater time.
Grab a few of your partner’s favorite movies and create a home theater, it’s a nicer form of the “Netflix and chill” concept. Cover up the windows in the room with dark bed sheets, set up the sofa’s in rows like a movie theater, and stock up on popcorn, soda and candy. If you have access to a projector than hang up a white bed sheet and set up a comfy home theater outside. We’re sure it’ll be chilly so grab blankets to snuggle under and enjoy!

9. Get racy!
If you and your partner are unconventional and spunky you’ll love this idea! Head to an adult toy shop! Whether you actually buy something or not, you’ll definitely have a laugh at the crazy sex toys that are available. Ladies, you could also take your partner to a lingerie shop and buy something that your partner would love to see you in! You can see a selection of sex toys at Badum Tish!

10. Home Spa treatment!
Treat your partner to a relaxing spa day at home. Start the day presenting him/her with a basket of inexpensive candles, bubble bath or bath salts, rose petals, soaps, body scrubs and massage oils. After a home-made breakfast, have your partner relax with a massage or just lounge on the couch to catch up on television shows. You can take a nice stroll to a nearby park and come home for a de-stressing full body massage with those massage oils. Perhaps followed by a bubble bath for two?

11. Music is the way into the heart!

Music is such a great part of our lives and it is a beautiful way to show your loved ones how you feel. Make your partner a mixed CD with songs that hold value in your relationship or just romantic songs you know they love!


12. Write a letter!
Some people have a hard time expressing themselves, grand gestures and romantic dinner dates just aren’t their thing. They feel awkward and strange trying to do it all so the best thing to do is be yourself. An easy way is to sit down, focus, and let out those emotions on paper. Take your time to write out a long letter to your partner. Leave it on their pillow with some chocolates or flowers for your partner. Your partner loves you the way you are so why try to be something you aren’t, be you and let is show in your letter.

Let us know how your Valentine’s Day went!

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