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Most notable Hong Kong-listed stocks

Being a city and special administrative region of China, Hong Kong is one of the major financial centers of Asia. It is also one of the most densely populated places in the world. The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (HKEX) is the fastest-growing stock exchange in Asia and has over 2 500 companies listed with a market capitalization of over 47 trillion dollars. Since HKEX is almost 20 times bigger than crypto markets, let’s discuss and list the most important stocks listed and traded on HKEX.

A brief history of gainers of all time

While there are many companies listed on HKEX some of them stand out with their impressive performance and gains. One way to measure how successful they are is by looking at the biggest stock gainers in a day and then making a perspective. Also, Apple, Volkswagen, and Berkshire Hathaway are part of the top gainers of all time; they are not even in the first three places. The biggest gainer of all time is Tractor Supply Co. So, what makes these stocks make a move? The biggest stock gainers are often driven by major economic news events, earnings reports, and announcements about new partnerships and acquisitions. Some of the most notable Hong Kong-listed stocks experienced tremendous gains, including tech sector giants like Tencent Holdings, Alibaba Group, and Xiaomi Corporation.

Many other sectors like finance, real estate, and energy are also represented on HKEX. Keeping an eye on the gainers can help identify where the best opportunities lie. Since there are many names not so well-known to the masses, we will need to list the top 5 notable stocks traded on HKEX to track them and take action when there are new opportunities. 

Top stocks listed and traded on HKEX

How many times have you seen enormous movements in the stock market only to see it as a missing opportunity? Not to make the same mistake twice, let’s pick the top HKEX stocks to add to your watchlist. It is also worth noting that companies operating in the energy sector are offering the highest dividend yields

Tencent Holdings Ltd 

This investment holding company is involved mainly in the provision of value-added services (VAS) and online advertising services. Company operates through three segments, the VAS segment is involved in the provision of online/mobile games, community VAS and applications on several internet and mobile platforms. Online advertising of Tencent Holdings is working in display-based and performance-based advertisements. The third segment is operating mainly in the provision of payment services, cloud services, etc. 

Xiaomi Corporation

Xiaomi is a new tech giant that took the world by storm by providing value for smartphone users. Its main sector is consumer electronics, and Xiaomi devices are known to be cheaper than other brands while providing high-quality and powerful hardware. Xiaomi makes money mainly from advertising and only has a 5% profit margin. This makes it possible to manufacture smartphones with flagship specs for half the price of other top brands like Apple and Samsung. Xiaomi is dedicated to manufacturing and selling many different android devices throughout the year, so it is a good idea to track its stock price. Xiaomi also produces many other electronics including smart TVs, gaming monitors, vacuum cleaner robots, smart house gadgets, and many more. 

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd 

The Chinese Amazon provides infrastructure and marketing platforms for online stores focused on businesses. The company operates in seven segments

  • China commerce segments – retail commerce businesses in China: Taobao, Tmall, and Freshippo
  • Wholesale business 
  • International commerce – Lazada, and AliExpress are well-known international retail and wholesale commerce businesses providing a vast number of goods produced by Chinese manufacturers. 
  • Local consumer services – include businesses that are location-based:, Amap, Fliggy, etc. 

Other segments operated by Alibaba include Cainiao meaning the domestic and international one-stop-shop logistics services and supply chain management solutions. Cloud segment including Alibaba Cloud, and DigiTalk for domestic and foreign enterprises. The seventh segment in which Alibaba operates includes companies in the digital media and entertainment sector Alibaba Pictures, Quark, and Youku are content distribution and online games businesses. As we can see, Alibaba encompasses so many sectors and fields that its stock is a must-have one for any HKEX-interested investor and trader. There is no chance all sectors fail at the same time, and Alibaba is probably going to continue dominating the Chinese Exchange market. 


Meituan is a China-based e-commerce company that provides life services. The company’s platform connects consumers with businesses to make it easy for them to order food online, and the company also provides a delivery service. The company also operates a mobile application with the brand name Meituan. Meituan also co-owns the bike-sharing brand, Mobike. 

China Construction Bank Corp

Also known as CCB, China Construction Bank Corporation is a commercial bank. The bank mainly targets the corporate scene and offers corporate banking services including corporate deposits, corporate loans, asset custody, enterprise annuity, trade financing, and international settlement. Operating on both domestic and international markets, CCB also has personal banking products available. Bank also offers foreign exchange trading and gold trading services. Since the bank is operating in the financial sector and is servicing not only Chinese but global clients as well, it is a good idea to add its stock to the watchlist. 


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