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5 Pillars of genuine charisma: How to be an unforgettable conversationalist with Livebeam

How to be an unforgettable conversationalist with Livebeam

A platform like Livebeam understands the importance of communication in the world today. The platform seeks to cut off any gap in communication and bring people to the same table by creating a community that promotes unity and acceptance. 

However, this article isn’t written to shower Livebeam with excessive, yet warranted, praises. It’s written for self-development.

Having a place to do chats is one thing, but knowing how to chat properly is another. Here are carefully selected actions to take to be one of the best conversationalists on Livebeam, other platforms, and even during physical meetings. We call them the 5 pillars of genuine charisma.

  1. Listen Actively and Attentively

Before you go on, you need to know about active listening. Active listening basically involves paying satisfactory attention to a person’s message, understanding it, and giving a relevant response. There’s a bit more to it, but that’s what it generally entails.

Every great conversationalist in the world applies active listening when talking to people.

It’s the first rule in the book. A conversation is a two-way process. You need to be good at receiving the information before you can give it back. By listening consciously, you will be able to decipher what the person cares about the most, the parts they find significant, and what will be most suitable to comment on.

This pillar is what Livebeam seeks to keep strong. The platform makes sure there are people always available to listen and chat with you on whatever topic. The community is a listening community, and you can gain quite a lot from joining in.

2. Declutter Your Statements 

“It’s time to take the trash out”. Trash, in this instance, refers to the several ounces of information you might be thinking of including in your next conversation. You might be thinking it will be more descriptive and longer when you say everything in the discussion like including addresses, colors, patterns, etc. But it really isn’t. 

A great conversation should be a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t need too many details.

You have to learn to perform a mental decluttering. This is when you consciously leave out excessive information to make the message easier to comprehend. If you think this will lead to a shorter conversation,  then think again. The gaps you have left in your message have created room for questions and clarifications that will make the conversation more personal and long. Decluttering gives the other person enough time to understand all you said – and that’s how to create an unforgettable chatting experience.

3. Push for More

A great conversationalist can keep the conversation going for a long time. There are lots of people on Livebeam single-handedly covering 3 discussions at a time and giving each and every one a personal experience they won’t forget.

It’s all in your interest. How enthusiastic you are to talk to someone, to reply to them. The trick is in asking for more. Ask more questions, make comparisons, and clarify your understanding of their message. You can even relate their messages to your past experiences.

The ability of a conversationalist to get you to keep talking by pushing for more answers, stories, and explanation is what makes them great.

There’s an extra secret code for this pillar and it’s pretty simple. All it entails is you saying the phrase “Tell me more”. A lot of people love it when they are asked to keep going and talking about themselves. By using that phrase at strategic points, you are a shoo-in for the “best conversation I ever had” award.

4. Evade Courteously 

As much as talking and engaging makes you good at conversations, reactions also do the same thing. No matter how open-minded you are, some topics or people will still not sit well with you – it’s human nature. Having developed this precedence, how do you fix it? The answer is simply one word; “courtesy”.

A great conversationalist is a courteous one.

When something you dislike or disapprove of is being said, the way you react and what you say afterward tells a lot about your level as a conversationalist. An immediate reaction that isn’t thought through will probably put you at a disadvantage here. 

You have to apply courtesy every step of the way. The first step is to avoid interrupting them midway, that’s quite rude and dismissive – you don’t want to be that person. The next thing is what you say after they are done. Start on a positive note and acknowledge their point of view, you don’t have to accept it but just acknowledge it. Now that those are out of the way, here are 3 different routes you can take:

  • Give no further response. You could just laugh it off.
  • Strategically change the topic and move on.
  • Give your point of view and explain why you feel that way.

For the last point, it’s important to move on after stating your view. Make sure it doesn’t turn into an argument or debate.

5. Always Make the Ending Memorable

An unforgettable conversation is only as memorable as its ending.

Everyone knows that first impressions matter, and many people are caught up on conversation starters. In fact, Livebeam has some really great conversation starters for your chats. However, people are so engrossed in making sure they start well, that they forget to work on their ending. Look at it this way; if you introduce yourself perfectly well to a stranger, you speak to them for a few minutes, and then end up arguing and abusing each other at the end, what part do you think the stranger will remember when they go to bed at night?

You need to end every conversation with a bang. You can decide to end confident, emotional, or surprising. Just don’t let it be plain old “bye”. It could also basically be a summarized outro where you talk about what you liked about the conversation and the most interesting talking points.

This ending keeps you in the person’s memory and they would probably love to talk to you again. If it’s on Livebeam, they will likely use the invite feature to invite you to chat and get the conversation going more often.

Key Takeaways

Definitely, you’ve learned something new to improve your talking and chatting game. The 5 pillars cover your listening, your simplicity, your reactions, and your ending. If you followed attentively, then you are ready to get into it.

It’s time to get into the field. Sign up to Livebeam and chat with people. Everyone on the platform is very friendly and ready to engage. When it begins to work out for you, make sure to refer them to this article.

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