Posted on May 16, 2022 at 10:17 pm

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Are TikTok videos the future of online promotion? 

Today we can surely say that the biggest platforms for promo and advertising are Insta and Facebook – both have different specializations, yet both of them are widely used by people from all around the world. TikTok is still an upcomer, but the future’s not that far and some people say that this platform is going to surely win the first place in being the best place to promote services, products and other stuff. Is that true and should you create a profile on TikTok right now and move your online business promo there? 


This question doesn’t yet have a clear answer. Basically, it all depends on huge brands and corporations that make a decision where they want to promote their products. Right now it’s IG and TikTok at the same time, while TikTok is perceived as a more youth oriented platform. And we can clearly say that young people and teenagers prefer surfing TikTok rather than sitting on Instagram. So it’s not worthy to completely ban all social media except for TikTok, but having one and experimenting with uploading different types of content to increase your online visibility is a very nice idea. 


If you don’t have much time for promotion there and you kind of don’t know where to start, there is an easy lifehack for you: you can actually buy TikTok followers  and forget about worrying whether you have enough or not. For someone who has close to zero clue about what’s happening on TikTok it’s a very good idea, because you’d have to spend a lot of time just figuring out what type of videos would you audience like and figuring out what’s your audience on TikTok in general, because it is going to very much vary from whom you regularly was interacting with on other platforms. 


We’d recommend you to dive into trends first and decide what type of videos could suit you to showcase yourself and your brand in the first place (if you have one). These viral videos are best to come on this platform, and then, when you will see what type of viewers are going to be interested in what you have posted, you will be able to analyze your audience and decide what is going to be the direction of your further growth. However, you should remember that TikTok is a very variating platform that follows trends only and makes no discounts for anyone who cannot keep in touch with them. So make sure that you’re putting enough time and effort into scanning the current situation on TikTok and following what it says to you. 


And this is going to take your time – so making a choice to buy followers on TikTok is very smart and thoughtful. These are going to spare you so much time that it’s going to be enough on managing several social media pages which is the smartest move you can make right now. Literally, online promotion today is a very cross-platform thing, and you should make sure that your video, photo and text content is everywhere so people can see it and share it with their friends and mates. And to make sure that they have no difficulties, it would be smart to leave the links to all the pages and all the pieces of content that you have on each page you have. And make sure that navigation on them is clear and that you have time to answer the questions in comments and in direct messages. And if you don’t – you have to find or hire a person who will do it for you, because keeping in touch with your audience is the key step to success. 

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