Posted on December 1, 2021 at 11:52 am

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Easy Ways to Reduce Your Transport Costs

Owning a car is not cheap, especially when you consider the cost of gas, insurance, maintenance, and other auto expenses. The good news is, you can easily save money on travel without making any major sacrifices. Here are some easy ways to reduce your transport costs:

Walk or cycle to work 

Walking or cycling to work is an obvious way to reduce your transport costs as you will save money on gas and cause less wear and tear to your vehicle. It will also give you daily exercise and improve your overall health and fitness levels. Walking or cycling to work is less stressful than sitting in traffic or dealing with aggressive drivers. This means you’ll arrive at work feeling happy, relaxed, and ready to start your day on a positive note. 


In addition to the cost-saving and health benefits, walking or cycling to work is also a great way to reduce transport pollution and help the environment. Fewer people on the road will lead to less congestion and carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. 

Compare auto insurance costs

Car insurance prices vary, so you should shop around and compare prices regularly to get the best deals. Some insurance providers will also offer your cheaper deals if you can demonstrate that you are a safe driver or have completed additional driving courses. 


For example, Root Insurance provides car insurance in Colorado Springs, and their quotes are based on their Test Drive app rather than demographics. The app measures your driving behavior using sensors in your smartphone, and your insurance quote is based on how safe you are behind the wheel. The safer your driving, the lower your auto insurance will be. 

Take good care of your car

Chances are, you spent a lot of money on your car, so you need to take good care of it! Regular car maintenance will keep your vehicle running smoothly and help you identify and resolve auto issues before they become something more serious and expensive to fix. Professional help is essential when it comes to car repairs. For example, if you need auto glass replacement, seek professional help instead of doing it yourself. It might be cheaper to do the repairs yourself, but you’ll spend more in the long run.


Follow these tips to take care of your car and extend its lifespan:


  • Take your car to the garage for an annual service. 
  • Check your oil levels regularly and change the oil in line with your manufacture’s guidelines. 
  • Inspect your tires and check the air pressure and tread depth. 
  • Drive slowly and avoid accelerating rapidly as it can put a strain on your engine and other parts of your car. 

Use public transport 

Using public transport is cheaper than driving as you don’t have to pay for gas and parking, and you won’t cause any wear and tear to your vehicle. Traveling on public transport is also more environmentally friendly, so try to use it when possible.


The average cost to own and operate a new car was $9,561 in 2020, according to research by AAA. Gas, insurance, and maintenance are ongoing auto costs that all drivers must budget for, but you can trim your car expenses and save money. These tips will help you reduce your transport costs and spend less when traveling. 


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