Posted on May 23, 2021 at 8:53 pm

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Here’s How Investing in a Portable Fan is the Smartest Choice of 2021

Want to host a party on your terrace lawn but worried about the sultry heat? 

Well, don’t let that thought dissuade you from throwing that awesome party for your loved ones. 

Because with a portable fan by your side there’s no reason why you should be worried. 

Your portable fan will not just make sure you enjoy a cool evening with your friends and family, but it will also make more than a few heads turn with its stylish looks.

And just in case you don’t have a portable fan already, here are 6 compelling reasons for you to buy one.

Here's How Investing in a Portable Fan is the Smartest Choice of 2021
Here’s How Investing in a Portable Fan is the Smartest Choice of 2021

1. They are portable.

Portability is the most important feature of a portable fan. 

Whether you are planning to host a party on your terrace lawn or need a fresh breeze of air when cooking your favorite dish, you can take the portable fan wherever you want. 

And the best thing about portable fans is that, unlike ceiling fans you don’t have to worry about installing them, all you need to do is just plug and play.

When looking for a portable fan, do compare the weights of different fans. Lighter the fan, easier it would be to move them around.

  1. They can circulate air to all parts of a room.

Sometimes the rooms are so big that a ceiling fan cannot circulate air to all corners of those rooms.

In such a scenario, a portable fan comes handy. It helps circulate air to even the most remote parts of a room.

You can also install a portable fan in rooms where installing a ceiling fan is not a convenient option. For example – a utility room, office cabin and more.

3. To boost an AC’s cooling.

Portable fans can help improve the cooling of an air conditioner. 

Usually, the fan of an air conditioner is not powerful enough to circulate air to all parts of the room, and therefore, cooling takes time.

By using a portable fan you can help circulate the air from your AC to all corners of a room, faster.

Need more reasons? We have plenty. Let’s read on.

  1. To reduce monthly energy bills.

Well, your portable fan cannot replace your air conditioner, but it can certainly be used alongside your air conditioner, right?

So let’s say when the room is cool enough you can switch off the air conditioner and enjoy the cool breeze from your portable fan. This will help you save on your energy bills.

Also, as discussed earlier portable fans can boost an AC’s cooling and cool the room faster. This means your AC’s thermostat gets cut off faster, and you are able to save more energy and pay less on your energy bills.

5. They come with a unique oscillation feature.

Portable fans can distribute the air to a wider and larger area. All thanks to the portable fan’s oscillation feature that allows it a 180 degrees back and forth motion. 

The oscillation feature of a portable fan is best for occasions such as a get together or a kitty party when there are many people in a room or an open area.

The good thing is that the oscillation feature can be switched off as and when required.

6. To accentuate the home décor. 

Still have that old traditional image of that plain simple portable fan in your mind? 

Well, let us tell you that portable fans have come a long way and the new age portable fans are far more stylish than you think.

Brands like Luminous are paying special attention to the aesthetics of their fans. 

That’s because they understand that portable fans play an important role in the decor of any space. 

And therefore, these fans are designed to spruce your home decor

Looking for a budget friendly portable fan?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly cooling option we recommend you to take a look at Luminous’ collection of portable fans. The company has a wide range of hi-performance portable fans with superior aerodynamics and beautiful aesthetics. 

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