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Fixed and Non-Fixed Numbers

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VoIP numbers, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol, are a part of voice service over the internet, which means that you can make calls over the network. It’s a service that does not need cables or fixed SIM cards. These can be used as digital numbers since they work through networks that use IP technology in which it is possible to access the internet on any device available to users. These numbers can be used with a variety of hardware, such as smartphones and laptops, computers and tablets, etc.

Fixed and Non-Fixed

Types of VoIP numbers

There are currently two types of VoIP numbers: Fixed and Non-Fixed. These numbers combined are a cloud-based phone system that is designed to send and receive telephone calls over an IP network. On one hand, we can find that the Fixed VoIP telephone system is always linked to a physical address. For companies, this virtual telephony is mainly used for security reasons and that’s the most relevant advantage offered by this type of system – the safety of its users – because their personal information will always remain secure and private. 

There is one more advantage of VoIP’s Fixed phone system: the fact that it is linked to a physical address so that users have access to the emergency call service. This way, calls are sent to the emergency service from the users’ locality, approaching as soon as possible once users dial any emergency number. 

In addition to these advantages, users can keep in touch with their friends and family through messages and international calls. However, these VoIP calls can be really inexpensive when they come from Fixed phone systems.

On the other hand, there is the second type of VoIP service: the Non-Fixed phone number system. This telephony does not need to be wired or even need a SIM card or be attached to any physical address. Non-Fixed VoIP numbers have the advantage of operating from any country in the world without taking into account the reallocation of their users. 

The above is what makes the difference between both services: in the Fixed VoIP system, a physical address is needed to operate and also clients must select a number from their real location – which makes it harder for them to travel abroad. 

In the case of VoIP’s Non-Fixed numbers, they are totally independent of a physical locality, so that its customers can manage their accounts without actually being present in that country. They can handle this number from anywhere in the world without sharing their addresses or personal information, which generates more security and privacy for them. 

It is a service with many benefits, such as connecting people around the world through a Non-Fixed VoIP telephone system in a very easy way, with good and very affordable prices.

Another one of its benefits is how useful this telephone service can be for those companies that seek to expand and place new offices or branches in different countries. By opting for VoIP telephony, customers will manage these offices from any location and all at the same time as they can obtain more than one VoIP number. This system is very good and, if we talk about saving money, its prices are quite affordable so that companies can grow and expand by contracting this service.

Which system has more benefits? Which is better between them? 

Both services are extremely beneficial and safe for users, but if you are looking for mobility and flexibility, then Non-Fixed numbers are the best choice for you. It is very easy to get a Non-Fixed VoIP number. Customers will not need to do a very hard work like setting up wires or investing on hardware because this phone service is purely based on software. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend on more equipment. It is way much easier to handle these numbers through smartphones and computers than customers already own.

It does not require much work or time; customers just need to have an email and a credit card. They can also choose the area code or country they want their numbers to be from, as this VoIP number system is very flexible. Users can select an area code form the other side of the world and handle these numbers without any complications.

There are many companies that offer this system, which is the case of VerifyWithSMS. This company, operated by the Epsilon Technology LTD company, is responsible of distributing U.K. Non-Fixed VoIP numbers, so if you looking for a physical/digital presence in the UK, this company is the best SMS verification service you can choose. 

Without a doubt this service is simple, fast and reliable. Check out their website to get more information about their affordable prices and the good service they offer. With VerifyWithSMS, you will have security and privacy. Go ahead and start using this technology!

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