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Most Preferred Online Casino Games That Are Played In The Philippines

Playing in an online casino is very easy for Filipinos: all you need is to have an Internet connection to start enjoying the best games available on the platform of your choice. Next, this guide will help you become an expert in casino games.


Learn what casino games are and what kind of online player you are

The casino games are the same lifetime: those who have seen the films that come to the Philippines and even in video games. However, you’ve probably never set despite its characteristics.


Characteristics of a game

From slot machines to roulette, all of these titles have something in common that makes them attractive to players worldwide, despite having completely different rules.

A casino game must:

  • Be based on luck and chance.
  • Accept a bet before the game.
  • Have different versions.
  • That a game lasts only seconds.
  • The bank usually has the advantage.

Obviously, there are exceptions. For example, a traditional poker game can last for hours. Simultaneously, titles like blackjack offer an almost equal advantage between the dealer and the player.


Advantages of playing online

The games we are talking about have been around in Las Vegas for dozens of years, but they have origins that go back centuries in reality. Since then, their rules haven’t changed much.

Then you ask yourself: what is the difference between playing online? This:

  • You will have more titles to choose from.
  • You will play wherever you are.
  • You will have special bonuses.

Interested? You will find a large number of casinos on the internet where you can put this to the test. Do you want to know what titles you will find there? Just keep reading the following information!


These are the types of games that you will get in the vast majority of Philippine online casinos.

The games that are available in online gambling sites Philippines are a lot of fun, but before you start playing, you should know which ones are best suited to your style.

List of games available

The casino games are varied, so players prefer those based on chance. Others place their bets on those that allow user intervention (such as blackjack).

But before you know which one you are, you should see the list of game types:

  • Slot machines (also available as slot machines or slots).
  • Online blackjack, also known as 21.
  • The online roulette, the original is the French one.
  • Dice, especially Craps.
  • Online bingo and its video version.
  • Online poker and its video version.
  • Sic bo.
  • Online baccarat.

As we already mentioned, there are many different versions that you can explore for each game. Each one has different characteristics that make it a unique experience.

Live and direct games

If you’re worried that you’re not feeling like you’re in a real casino because you’re playing online, stop: these days, you also have the option to play games with real professional dealers from home.

Some of the live casino games you will get are:

  • Live blackjack.
  • Live roulette.
  • Live poker.
  • Live baccarat.

There are also exclusive titles like Monopoly that is played with a host to mimic the feel of a game show on television where you are the only protagonist.

Do you want to have a little fun right now? Let us explain a little about free games.


Enjoy free casino games, and don’t worry about winning or losing your games

The online casino is about getting profits and having fun, so they have many free titles that can be enjoyed without signing up.

How do you play for free?

There are different ways to do it in today’s casinos; some are very simple and not without requirements. Others (more attractive) are behind the registration and even a deposit.

Play for free like this:

  • With the demos available.
  • With a free spins bonus.
  • On a gaming website.

Simple enough! Here we will give you some links so that you can enjoy some card and slot titles, for example, without having to make any investment. Everyone is active in the Philippines!

What is free play for?

Interesting question, especially when it comes to online casinos, platforms where you try your luck to get some money with a little good luck and some skill.

Playing for free is attractive because:

  • You’ve got nothing to lose.
  • It allows you to create a strategy.
  • It is ideal to know a site.

Of course, if you want to start making some money right away, let us explain how it is done. Luckily for you, it is a much more straightforward process.


With online casino games in the Philippines, you can also get money with skill and luck

In case you were wondering, here we tell you: it is 100% possible to win real money playing online! In fact, the winnings offered by online casinos are some of the most attractive on the web.

How to do it? Very simple, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a game from the catalog.
  2. Decide how much money you will use.
  3. Make a bet.
  4. If you win, you will receive your prize.
  5. Repeat the process.

The prizes depend on the game. For example, in blackjack, you usually receive double your bet. At the same time, in slot machines (or slots), you could hit a millionaire jackpot.

If you are concerned about not having an incompatible device with the online casino and its games, let us tell you which two programs you will need to play with the vast majority.


This is the technology that most online casino games in the Philippines run on

Blackjack and slots are extremely common, to name a couple because they are so easy to enjoy. Unlike ten years ago where it could not be easy to have a device that could run them, today, it is easier than ever.

You only need these are programs:

  • Flash.
  • HTML5.

Most computers already come with these programs installed, so you shouldn’t have a problem.

Today’s games are created in a way that offers you a unique experience with all bets: they present incredible graphics, as well as a soundtrack that has nothing to envy to video games.

With HTML, you will be able to play with any mobile device you have, so don’t delay using your cell phone and win from wherever you are.


Now it is possible to play online casino games directly from a cell phone in the Philippines.

Playing with mobile devices (whether cell phones or tablets) is very interesting because it eliminates the last barrier of space in the market, giving you all the freedom in the world.

Also, most casino titles are created with this in mind, so the catalogs are designed so that you can have fun on your cell phone as long as you have an Internet connection.

You have two options:

  • Official application.
  • Mobile version.

Here we will explain the option available in the casinos you want to visit. You just have to check our review to know this information and much more.

Do you know whom to thank for these latest advances and, in general, for all the twists you can make today? To the developers, we are about to introduce to you!


You can thank the software providers for the variety of online casino games in Philipines

The online gambling created by different software providers who work with different platforms to create quality catalogs is also varied and appeals to all users.

Among the most popular software providers, we find:

  • NetEnt.
  • MGA.
  • Playtech.
  • Evolution Gaming.
  • Play N ‘Go.
  • Microgaming.
  • Habanero.
  • Wazdan.
  • Quickspin.
  • Mr. Slotty.

All these developers are found on the best platforms in the Philippines. If a casino offers you a catalog created by these companies, you can be sure you are in front of a quality list.

Do you want to start playing? Excellent! Let us tell you some of the most interesting titles of 2020 in the Philippines.


This list will show some of the favorite games of all the players in the Philippines

The online casinos available here are very attractive: they attract attention with their welcome bonuses and other services, but their catalogs are the ones that convince the players.

Among the most interesting titles we have seen in 2020 are:

  • Hall of the Mountain King ™ (Quickspin).
  • Ocean’s Treasure ™ (NetEnt).
  • Testament (Play N ‘Go).
  • The Incredible Balloon Machine ™ (Microgaming).
  • Larry the Leprechaun ™ (Wazdan).

These are all slot machines (or slot machines); however, there is more and more variety in the world of titles such as dice, bingo and various cards such as baccarat.

As always, here you will get the best tips to enjoy your adventure of playing from the Philippines fully. Therefore, we have prepared one last piece of information for you to do right now.


These tips will help you enjoy the most popular casinos while you play from the Philippines

Whether you want to play video poker or craps, it is important that you know what you are doing when you are ready to do it. After all, many times, there will be a real bet involved.

We recommend that you:

  • Have a budget that you will respect 100%.
  • Take advantage of any welcome bonus you can.
  • Pay no attention to active streaks.
  • Practice your strategies with some free spins.
  • Play the titles that you like the most.

If you do this, you too will be able to succeed in the casino. Do not forget that you will find articles explaining everything about the most popular titles so that you can take advantage!


Frequently asked questions about playing online casino games in the Philippines

What are the games in the Philippines casino?

They are very varied, but usually, you will get roulette, online slots, card titles like 21 or video poker, craps, Sic Bo, bingo, Keno and much more. Each of them offers variations with alterations in its rules. A catalog could be very varied, even with few types.

What is the best game to play at a casino in the Philippines?

That depends on each player since each of them has particular characteristics. For example, roulette can attract a person who likes the possibility of hitting a big prize if they hit a number. At the same time, 21 is intended for those who prefer to depend on their own skills.

Is it possible to play with cell phones from the Philippines?

Of course, yes! Today’s games are created so that they are available for any kind of mobile device on the market, especially those with the Android or iOS operating system. Its rules are the same; the only thing that changes is the possibility of participating anywhere.

How can you play casino games for free in the Philippines?

Many online platforms have some free demos that you could use as many times as you want. In addition to this, you also have many bonuses that allow you to test the titles after having made a previous deposit. There are some pages with very varied catalogs for which you will have to pay absolutely nothing.

Is it possible to win real money with casino games in the Philippines?

Of course! You just have to keep playing in the same way, only this time you have to place bets with your own money (or the bonus money). If you win the game, then you will receive prizes that you will later be able to withdraw from one of the payment methods of the platform you are participating in.

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