Posted on October 10, 2020 at 4:40 pm

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Moving Your Tech Startup To Silicon Valley? 3 Reasons Why NYC Is A Better Destination

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If you want to relocate your tech business to a place with more money, traffic, and overall success, your first thought is Silicon Valley. However, upon closer inspection, you realize that it’s not all fun and games there, especially from a financial perspective. It’s good to know that California’s sales tax is 10 percent, and you can’t really enjoy a lot of great opportunities if you don’t have the proper amount of cash to start out.

Moving Your Tech Startup To Silicon Valley? 3 Reasons Why NYC Is A Better Destination
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So, what seems to be a better choice? If you dig deeper into your options, you soon realize that New York City can give you a lot more benefits. First of all, it has a lower sales tax than California, peaking at 8 percent, there’s also a bigger pool of highly-qualified workers, and there are just endless possibilities business-wise for startups. Here’s a closer look at why the Big Apple is the perfect destination for your tech firm.

  1. Surprise: New York City is cheaper for business than Silicon Valley

This comes as a shock to many who want to relocate their startups, but NYC is cheaper for business than California’s tech center. It’s also not as expensive when it comes to the cost of living. Many still judge the city that never sleeps by all those fancy apartments and giant corporations, thinking that everything is just so expensive. The truth is, there are thousands of affordable housing options, office spaces, and public transportation is cheap, too. 

Experts have long signaled that Silicon Valley is not a bed of roses for firms, especially in the tech industry. San Francisco and many other cities in California have grave homeless and affordable housing problems. This makes it difficult for small businesses to get of the ground, expand, and become successful. 

  1. Programs and services for small businesses in the Big Apple

New York City has almost doubled its services and programs for startups and small to mid-sized businesses. One of the most renowned New York City tech communities called Silicon Alley, and many local and state governments have pushed for programs that help businesses. They can enjoy an easier registration for free programs, networking, and also various grants. 

NYC and the state of New York also serve as an example when it comes to programs for minorities and women who want to start their own businesses. There are also countless websites and tools that help CEO’s and business owners find cheaper than usual office spaces. Furthermore, the city’s public library is a great source of inspiration and knowledge, as their coaches and mentors are ready to aid free of charge everybody when it comes to finding a job or opening a company. 

  1. Even Silicon Valley firms do business in New York City

Here’s another thing that surprises people: many companies from San Francisco’s business hub have a tendency to do work in the city. Thanks mainly to a growing startup community, investors from California choose to do business here. Primarily, real estate, retail, and clothing investors are constantly searching for new markets and tech workforce in the Big Apple. 

  1. Relocation is easier

Moving your business to Silicon Valley and finding a suitable office space could pose a serious problem for you, mostly because of logistical reasons. The situation of relocating to NYC is a lot easier, as there are countless moving companies that have the necessary workforce, tools, and trucks to take care of everything from A to Z, regardless of your current city.

Professional commercial movers NYC have the much-needed experience to make the move seem like a breeze. Your only job is to tell them where you want to move, what kind of inventory you have, and when you plan on relocating, and they will take care of the rest. It’s the simplest and most efficient way to relocate your tech startup.

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