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JetX Game Casinos: Where to Play?

JetX Game Casinos Review

Photo by <a href="">Carl Raw</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash


JetX is a terrific new online game that you should play right away from SmartSoft Gaming. Gamblers may find it appealing since, unlike other games, there is no cap on the amount of money you may win. It is hazardous and depends on luck, but with the right strategies and advice, you may make a tonne of money playing it. Let’s now have a look at the game:

Game provider: Smartsoft Gaming;
Demo Game: Available;
RTP: 97%;
Min multiplier: х1.00
Min bet: 9 INR;
Max bet: 26500 INR;
Max multiplier: x100;
Platforms for App Android and iOS, PC.

Top Casinos to Play Jet-X Game 

This online casino has a long history in the field and is regarded as one of the best casinos. They provide many different games, including Jet X. The Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao eGaming have granted the casino a license:

  • PlayZax. PlayZax is another excellent option for playing JetX. Players at this casino can receive a welcome bonus of up to 124858 INR and 150 free spins. It also possesses a Curacao eGaming authority license;
  • Cazinozer. Another well-known online casino, Cazinozer, has a variety of games, including the JetX rocket game. On their initial deposit, new players at Cazinozer can receive a Welcome Bonus of up to 166477 plus 200 Free Spins;
  • 1Win. Another well-known online casino, 1Win, has a variety of games, including the JetX plane game. On their initial deposit, new players at 1Win can receive a Welcome Bonus of up to 62429 INR;
  • Pin Up. Another well-known online casino, Pin Up, has a variety of games, including the JetX plane game. On their initial deposit, new players at Pin Up can receive a Welcome Bonus of up to 88194 INR plus 100 Free Spins;
  • Rabona. Another well-known online casino, Rabona, has a variety of games, including the JetX plane game. On their initial deposit, new players at Rabona can receive a Welcome Bonus of up to 44097 INR plus 100 Free Spins.

Playing Guide for JetX Game

Every Indian gambler has unlimited access to JetX. The well-known online casinos’ websites host JetX, which may be played for free or with real money.

You can select the JetX-listed online casinos or other online casinos depending on your preferences for the service, the available payment options, or the dependability of the gaming platform. Choose a secure web space and peruse reviews after reviews of Indian casinos with a license. Requirements to launch a JetX:

  • Register. At Indian online casinos, only logged-in users are permitted to make deposits and wagers. You must complete a form with your name, legal contacts, and physical address in order to register. Different casinos’ questionnaires could ask for more information or provide rapid registration through social media;
  • Pass Verification. Users must validate their profile information and contacts. You must upload copies of the required documentation to the website or the JetX casino application to accomplish this. You won’t be able to withdraw winnings if the verification process is unsuccessful;
  • Make a deposit. The majority of casinos accept deposits in dollars, euros, Indian rupees, and cryptocurrencies. Your Rupee deposit will be exchanged within the game because the JetX game accepts dollar wagers. Once the wins have been converted to rupees, you can withdraw them in the currency of your choice. You need to have at least 832 INR in your account to place the first wager.

Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

Mechanic of the Play at JetX

JetX may be found in the lobby by logging into the online casino. The Instant Games category is where the game is typically found:

  1. Launch the game and choose between the real money and demo modes. After familiarising yourself with the action in the demo, try placing real money bets;
  2. Read the regulations. They are concealed beneath the “i”-shaped button in the top right corner;
  3. The following panels can be seen on the playing field. Upper right corner – full-screen mode, sound options, game information, and balancing status. The airport and the area of the sky where the jet is flying are central; odds are shown in the middle. Below are two betting windows with buttons for betting and cashing out wins, as well as buttons for adjusting the amount. Statistics of previous winning odds are displayed on the left. Rates statistics are on the right;
  1. Choose your bet amount in the bottom control panel, then click Place Bet to begin the round. To withdraw your winnings, click Cancel. The button will display as soon as your wager is placed;
  2. The game has an automated setting. Put the button in Auto mode after choosing your wager size and expected odds. When the predetermined multiplier reaches its limit, the program will automatically display the winnings;
  3. Apply for a money withdrawal after you finish the game. An application in the majority of online casinos can be established for 1,000 INR.

It’s easy and thrilling to play at the JetX India casino. Play this casino game in demo mode to win wagers with real money.

Tips at JetX

By taking a balanced approach to your online pleasure, you may uphold the values of responsible gambling, have fun without breaking the bank for your family, develop your betting technique, and expand your available cash through regular wins. Experienced JetX players suggest treating the game primarily as fun and not seeing it as a way to make money. And secondly, pay close attention to the gameplay, go over the guidelines, and assess the suggested techniques in the demo version with the lowest stakes. By doing this, you can buy JetX for less money and win more:

  • Minimum wager. The smallest JetX wager is 832 INR. Your account balance is automatically converted into dollars by the game. You don’t have to think about it. The + and – buttons on the Place Your Bet window allow you to adjust the wager size. The top wager is 25000 INR. You can win 2500000 INR if you get the maximum x100 multiplier. It is advised that you decide exactly how much you will wager (or wager twice if you use this function) before the round begins. You can manually withdraw winnings or establish an automated stake size for each new round. You won’t waste time on settings because you will have a fixed stake amount for each round. Determine and modify the number as soon as possible if you wish to enhance your wager. The wager amount cannot be changed after you click the place your bet button;
  • High coefficients. JetX offers odds that range from 1.0 to x100. At a multiplier of 1.3, profits can be withdrawn, but the round can still be finished at a multiplier of 1.1 or 1.2. As the aircraft moves, it gets bigger before stopping when it explodes. A round typically lasts between 2 and 8 seconds, thus the player must be extremely cautious to avoid jeopardizing the game by postponing it in expectation of the highest multiplier. Professional players believe the x2 and x3 odds to be high enough to withdraw earnings, especially considering the risk of losing the stake is relatively considerable given the unpredictable length of the rounds. A complete list of all odds that finished the most recent rounds is displayed to the left of the main playing field. When you remove winnings, you can determine the average and concentrate on it. However, it is important to keep in mind that in-game statistics are not always representative because the random number technique totally determines the crash duration and the loss of coefficients.


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