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How To Have the Best Time at a Beach Club

Have a day to spare in Abu Dhabi? Wondering how to make the most of your time off or your holiday? Most people agree that spending a day at the beach is hands down the best way to decompress from a busy life. The beach combines sunshine, scenery and relaxation, as well as the chance to swim or play sports if you feel like it.


Want to have the best beach day ever? Then upgrade your day on the public beach with a day at a private beach club instead. 


Many of the best private clubs can offer you a day pass or short-term membership. This makes them a spectacular way to enjoy a day of your holiday, especially somewhere like Abu Dhabi. Here, enjoying the beach club is one of the most popular Saadiyat Island things to do.  


What’s So Special About a Beach Club?

At a beach club, you can enjoy the same sand and sunshine as everyone else. However, you can also experience far better amenities, luxurious facilities and many added extras


Beach clubs love to treat their guests to spa treatments, delicious food and drinks, swimming pool access, and much more. 


Here are several ways to have the time of your life at any beach club.

Soak up the vistas

Beach clubs usually occupy the very best spot on the beach. This makes them the ideal place to gaze admiringly at views of crystal clear waters, pristine sand, local wildlife, and the unique features that make that stretch of coastline special. 


So, get a cool drink or a specialty coffee and take a moment to just sit back and enjoy the vista. 


Immerse yourself in the ambience

Every aspect of a great beach club like Saadiyat Island Beach Club is carefully chosen, designed and curated with relaxation in mind. 


Guests can often enjoy spectacular architectural spaces with fashionable, luxurious interior design. There are likely to be beautiful finishing touches, like fresh flowers, gentle music and candlelight by evening. Every shape, color and texture will have been handpicked.


All these little elements add up to creating a very special ambience to unwind in.

Take the right people with you

Choose your company carefully and only bring people that will bring positive energy and good spirit to your day. Whether you choose to bring your partner, family or friends doesn’t matter as long as they will enjoy kicking back and relaxing as much as you do. 


You may prefer to spend the day alone, de-stressing in unparalleled peace and quiet all by yourself.  

Eat great cuisine

A good restaurant is a key feature of the best beach clubs. They provide an ambient space where you can enjoy an unhurried lunch or celebrate the perfect day late into the evening.

Fine dining is offered by the most exclusive and fashionable beach clubs. 


Beach clubs typically attract the top chefs in the region and will insist on using only the best ingredients. Some may specialise in a particular international cuisine, while others focus on the most exquisite local delicacies. 


Dinner on a beautiful sea-view terrace with a cool evening breeze is surely one of life’s most enjoyable experiences.    


Friday Brunch is also a popular weekend activity in Abu Dhabi. What better place for slowing down and enjoying the simple things than the beach club?  


Kick back with a drink at the bar

The bar is always a popular area of any beach club. You can count on it for a vibrant yet laid-back atmosphere where you are free to enjoy the happy company of friends


The bar will welcome you ‌any time of the day. Get a morning coffee to have you ready for the day. Order a cocktail or mocktail to get your evening started. Or watch the sun go down with a cool drink in hand.


Prefer a quieter space? Beach clubs often have lounge or library areas for guests who need some peace.  

Cool off in the water

Whether you are a swimming fan or not, your time at the beach club will be enhanced by a dip in the pool and the sea; even more so if the beach club has an infinity pool. The water will be the perfect temperature, and comfortable loungers will be placed nearby.


At the pool, you will be able to order refreshments, lie back with a book, or chat with friends.

Indulge yourself with a spa treatment

Many great beach clubs can offer you premium treatments at the hands of beauticians, masseurs and hairdressers. Avail of the sauna and steam rooms too. 


A pampering session is bound to refresh. 

Make the most of every guest facility

Aside from the spa areas, pool, restaurants and bar, a beach club is likely to have more facilities to offer its guests.


Beach clubs are often home to a gym and may also offer other sports. Working some exercise into your beach club day will re-energise you and provide opportunities for you to connect with your companions. 


How to Choose a Beach Club

If you are looking for a beach club in Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat Island Beach Club has all the amenities mentioned here and will welcome you with open arms. Of course, there are other exquisite beach clubs all over the world that can pamper you all day long. 


So, do you have a favourite beach club? If so, which one is it? What makes the ultimate beach club day for you and your friends? 


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