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Herbal Hair Color for All Hair Types: Finding Your Perfect Match


Hair coloring is one of the cosmetic necessities, especially for women, to enhance their look and hold onto a glamorous personality. But not all the products that help you achieve that natural-like appeal of hair are best for long-term care. Most of the hair coloring products out there in the market are made with chemicals, which might give you a great instant look but might damage the hair from its roots. 

Therefore, women are now concerned about using natural products for coloring their hair, which helps them prevent the use of harsh chemicals and attain a flawless look at the same time. The herbal hair color solutions are considered ideal for almost all hair types. Such products aren’t just made up of natural ingredients but also help you with healthy hair and natural shades. 

The best thing is that you won’t be experiencing unwanted roughness or dryness in your hair upon applying these herbal products. In this article, you will get a clear insight into the usability and benefits of herbal hair color over its chemical counterparts. So, read this article till the end to feel more convinced about getting real-like hair colors with the use of herbal solutions.

What are Herbal Hair Colors?

The herbal hair colors are made with the use of plant pigments blended with other natural ingredients, which color only the outer cuticle of hair. There are specific herbs, roots, leaves, or plants that are blended well to be able to dye your hair and also fortify the strands that are weakened. Moreover, using herbal hair colors will add more softness or shine to your hair. 

Using herbal hair colors will balance the pH level of the scalp, rehydrate the dryness, rebalance the oiliness, and offer you a plethora of other benefits, which you shall know further in the article. 

Benefits of Using Herbal Hair Colors Over Chemical Counterparts

Some of the benefits associated with the use of herbal hair colors over their chemical counterparts include:

  • Free from Ammonia and PPD Content

One of the major benefits of using herbal hair color is its formulation, which is free from the use of harsh chemicals such as PPD, peroxide, or ammonia. These are the common chemicals that are found in most of the usual hair dyes. 

These chemicals are prone to damaging the scalp or hair and lead to irritation, dryness, or breakage. The herbal colors are ideal alternatives for people with allergies to chemical dyes or sensitive skin. Some of the natural ingredients that have replaced the use of chemicals in herbal hair colors are Henna, Bhringraj, Amla, Curry Leaves, Sariva, Jatamansi, and others. 

  • Keeps Your Hair Healthy

The next big benefit of relying on herbal hair color over chemical counterparts is that you are inclined towards ensuring healthier hair for yourself. The natural ingredients used within the herbal hair color are filled with nutrients, which are responsible for nourishing the hair or scalp, leaving the hair shiny, healthy, and soft. 

One of the most crucial natural ingredients in the herbal colors is Henna. The purpose of it is not just to color your hair cuticles but also to strengthen the strands and promote the growth of new hairs. Similarly, different ingredients serve different purposes in healing your hair’s health and helping it retain the lost shine. 

  • Attain Long-Lasting Outcomes

Unlike chemical hair colors, which give you a shine and appeal to your hair for only a few days or weeks, natural or herbal hair colors can deliver effects that might last a lot longer. The longevity of the herbal hair color depends on the type of shade you choose and how frequently you wash off your hair. 

By using herbal colors for your hair, you won’t have to frequently seek touch-ups, which will save you a lot of money and time. So, while choosing your hair color, it is better to stick to herbal options as it would help you get attractive results in the long term. 

  • Highly Sustainable

In today’s world, eco-friendliness is a priority concern in almost every aspect. The herbal hair colors embrace this sustainability culture and are free from any kind of harmful chemicals in them. When you wash off the usual dyes, the chemicals in them go through the drain to harm the environment. 

Herbal colors are made up of natural ingredients, which are biodegradable and don’t harm the environment at all. The manufacturers of herbal hair colors take up a sustainable approach towards production to ensure there’s no adversity caused to nature.

  • Easy Maintenance of Hair

Maintaining the hair over time might be complex for you to ensure proper growth in the long run. And the deterioration in maintenance further occurs when you rely on using chemically-infused hair colors. Your hair will tend to dry out and experience breakage, which is a sign of root damage that’s slowing down the hair growth. 

On the other hand, using herbal hair colors made up of natural ingredients works well for not just giving you a natural shade for your hair but also maintaining its health. The herbal ingredients used in the making of hair colors, such as Reetha, Curry Leaves, Methi Seeds, and others, don’t just help in coloring your hair but also support the growth of healthy hair. 

  • No Breakage to the Hair

The biggest concern for anyone who is about to get their hair colored with specific products is breakage. Most of the chemical products out there have created a reputation in the market for resulting in hair breakage. But this isn’t the case with the use of herbal products. 

Herbal hair colors being used for serving the purpose are meant to cure certain hair defects and protect the hair from all kinds of breakage issues. The hair will be protected upon the use of herbal products and will continue to grow to your desired length without causing breakage issues. 


It is totally your call on how you take care of your hair! However, the use of chemical hair colors is a strict NO by all knowledgeable experts. Herbal hair colors have proven their effectiveness in terms of helping you attain vibrant and beautiful hair without damaging it. So, if you are convinced enough to get yourself the best herbal hair color products, now is the time to wander across the cosmos of thousands of products in the market. 

Well, to help you save time and effort, Biotique is one of the best-rated brands that offer you quality herbal hair colors in all shades. Biotique hair color is not just the best in terms of popularity but is reasonable in terms of pricing and ensures long-lasting results. If you want a healthy alternative to your hair coloring requirement, Biotique can be your one-stop brand to count on. 

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