Posted on September 19, 2023 at 5:10 pm

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Top 7 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Sports Car in Dubai

Dubai is a sports car playground. With wide smooth roads and so many places to visit, the city offers majestic experiences. Also, renting exotic sports cars is relatively cheaper in this desert city than in other major cities of the world. The vast array of car rental companies ensures you always get your most desired sports car as well.

Whether you wish to rent Dodge Challenger in Dubai or you want to go with something European like a Ferrari Portofino, all options will be available readily in the city all year. However, renting the right car for your vacation is an important decision. Driving experience can contribute heavily toward the overall vacation experience. So, here are some things to keep in mind when renting sports cars in Dubai:

1: Renting the Right Car at the Right Price

There are so many different types and classes of sports cars available. European and British sports cars like Ferraris, Lamborghini, McLarens, Porsches, and others are fine vehicles. These are fast cars that will cost you a pretty buck to rent as well. Several thousand Dirhams renting prices will be applicable.

However, muscle cars like the Ford Mustang, Chevy Camaro, Dodge Challenger, and others will be available at much cheaper prices. Yet, the overall experience of these muscle cars is very comparable to more expensive options.

Also, many times you will find sports cars available at discounted rental prices. Different rental companies will have discount offers available. Rent the right sports car at the right price to make your vacation in Dubai so much better.

2: Insurance Coverage Is a Must

Never make the mistake of driving in Dubai without insurance. The city has fast lanes and big roads that encourage aggressive driving. Often, incidents happen for no fault at all. So, it is always important to have insurance coverage before you head out on the road.

Also, modern sports cars are very expensive vehicles. Even a minor dent or a paint chip may cost too much to repair. High-quality car rental companies always include insurance coverage in the rental price. If not, make sure to buy one and be safe while you are out there.

3: Sports Cars Are Not Ideal for All Trips and Surfaces

Of course, sports cars are dream cars for many. However, these may not be the perfect options for all road trips. For starters, sports cars aren’t exactly luxury and spaciousness champions at all. Most sports cars will only offer two full-sized seats and very limited storage space as well. Some will fill stiffer than others as well.

Although some sports cars might offer some degree of off-roading, trips like desert safaris need something more comfortable and purpose-built. Sports cars are more for the road or track usage at best.

So, think about what you are renting and where you need to take it. Rent the best-suited car or vehicle for your vacation or trip in Dubai to get the best experience out of it.

4: Mileage and Return Policies

Almost all car rental companies have imposed mileage limits on all their cars. Sports cars also have mileage restrictions. Usually, the mileage limit is around 250-300 kilometers per day. Exceeding this limit will cause additional costs and amounts to be paid to the rental company.

Also, make sure to ask for or read out the return policy when signing the car rental agreement. Usually, car hire companies will need their car to be returned at a specific time or day. Keeping the car beyond your rental contract will cost additionally.

A lot of the time, people ignore these policies and have to pay the additional costs. Also, these additional costs can be quite high. Save yourself the inconvenience and pay attention to mileage and return policies.

5: Local Driving Laws and Regulations

Like any big city, Dubai also has driving laws and regulations. Different speed limits are applicable on different types of roads. Also, traffic lights, lane splitting, designated parking areas, and many other regulations are always in place.

Breaching local driving laws and regulations will cause inconveniences. This is why it is important to always be prepared when renting a car for any vacation.

Tourists will always have the most difficulty understanding the local driving laws and regulations. So, make sure to read all the important ones and follow them when on the road.

6: Advance Security Deposit Requirement

Every car rental company has some policies in place. An advance security deposit will be a universal rule no matter who you rent from. To rent sports cars in Dubai, you will have to submit an advance security deposit. This amount has to be paid or transferred before you get the rental car.

Also, the security deposit is usually the sum of your rental cost. The rental cost is calculated for the number of days you will need to keep the car.

There will be different options to transfer the security deposit when renting a sports car in Dubai. Bank transfers, cash payments, credit card payments, PayPal, and Crypto will all likely be accepted.

7: Driving License and Age Requirements

Renting a sports car in Dubai will require a valid driving license. Residents in the city only need their local UAE driving license. Tourists from some countries will be fine with their home country’s valid driving license as well.

However, tourists from a few countries might also be asked for an International Driving Permit document. Also, most car rental companies have an age limit of 25 years for fast and exotic sports car rental services.

The age limit for regular cars is 18. However, sports cars are fast and very expensive. This is why the driver needs to have some experience before being able to rent sports cars.

Bottom Line

Sports cars provide exhilarating experiences for any vacation plan. Renting the right sports car in Dubai for the right trip is very important. These are fast vehicles that need some experience as well. Also, insurance coverage will be necessary to drive in Dubai. Make sure to follow all traffic regulations in place and have the right documents on you for a smoother experience. Make sure to keep in mind the security deposit, mileage, and return policies. Also, rent from the right company for the best experience as well.

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